Atalanta, Gazzetta: “Musso could be available soon”

ATALANTA MUSSO- Atalanta prepares for Zingonia in view of Saturday’s match against Sassuolo at 20:45.

Atalanta, Gazzetta: “Musso could be available soon”

Good time at Atalanta, where the Bergamo players try to hold on to Napoli, in second place. Many injuries at the Nerazzurra where they could find many tops to continue the race in first place.

La Gazzetta on his possible return:

“How heavy is the hope of being able to forget a displaced fracture of the right orbital-maxillary complex? To be precise, 42 grams. Very little, however much the season of Juan Musso and therefore of Atalanta can change. For the Argentine goalkeeper it will be like having little more than a protective veil on the broken cheekbone last September 18: a personalized carbon kevlar mask, which should allow him to return sooner than expected after the maxillofacial surgery with which they were applied. plates and screws to reduce the fracture. Usually for such an injury a stop of a couple of months is expected and therefore up to now the hypothesis of seeing Musso only after the World Cup, at the beginning of 2023, has been considered probable, or in any case reliable. But this protection has been studied by Ortholabsport, specifically for his injury, to speed up the times. And therefore Atalanta could have their goalkeeper back, so far well replaced by Sportiello, for three or four games before the long break ”.


Fortunato Condinno

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