Atalanta, Sconcerti: “He only has the Europa League in mind, the change of ownership should not be underestimated”

RattleSconcerti made some statements to TuttoMercatoWeb commenting on the thirty-second matchday of Serie A. Here is what was declared.

Atalanta, Sconcerti: “He only has the Europa League in mind, the change of ownership should not be underestimated

The championship is hard fought, it is not clear the possible winner: 
“We know it is. We have always known it was useless to make predictions. There is no team that can kill the league or that is stronger or with great players. As far as the Scudetto share is concerned, it is very low, but whoever wins will have fun anyway “.

Your thoughts on Atalanta?
“Atalanta certainly have the Europa League on which they are betting a lot. Betting a lot on a cup can lead you to a loss of points in Serie A. Atalanta have changed ownership and should not be underestimated. It is a big change, especially as regards the last word that Percassi will no longer have. The sporting director will also probably change, it is probably the club that had the least need to change “.

In the last few matches, Milan has difficulty finding the goal, how do you explain it?  
“In my opinion, what Milan is missing is a player who makes a difference and is decisive. Every team has the right to have complicated games, playing in Turin is difficult. In this case you must have a decisive player who makes you take the 3 points home. If you don’t have this great player you risk stopping “.

Napoli stops and Spalletti talks about a sentence, do you agree?
“I believe that Spalletti’s statement is the result of post-match anger and nervousness. To date it seems that the Scudetto must be won by Inter, despite the difficulties of the last few matches. Of course it is not a happy thing that there are still games to catch up, because this gives the idea of ​​a movement that does not know how to keep these organizations. Among other things, in a while there will be the case of capital gains, it seems that the great importance that these have is not given. If there is a false accounting, the tender is falsified ”.

Therefore, Sconcerti commented this day in Serie A, speaking of Atalanta and Napoli. The journalist dwelt a lot on the Scudetto fight and on the negative period that Atalanta is going through.

Pasquale Caldarelli


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