Getting There


A4 highway, exit “Bergamo”: take the ring road in the direction of “Valli di Bergamo”. In the roundabout go on following the road sign “Stadio” and take Viale “Giulio Cesare”.
ATTENTION: two hours before the match and half an hour after the match, the Stadium can only be reached by public transport (ATB bus line 9).


There is a bus station within the walking distance to the train station. To arrive at the Stadium get on the ATB bus line 9.


The airport is connected to the city centre by the “Airport Bus” public services. As soon as you’ve reached the bus station, it is easy to reach the Stadium by the ATB bus line 9.


Limited traffic areas – 2 hours before and half an hour after the match.

Access for residents and other authorized users is allowed through the dedicated gates upon presentation of the identity document. For any further information on the limited traffic areas, visit the website of the City of Bergamo
Access allowed to motorcycles and mopeds.

Stadium Information

The Stadium of Bergamo, home to Atalanta’s home matches, has a long and glorious history. Built in 1928, the Brumana, this was its name, initially had the capacity of 12.000 seats.

The occupied space is 35.000 square metres and is still the same, with a field 110m x 70m of size.
Today the stadium has a capacity of 19.768 spectators.

Compared to the original facility, the Renaissance Tribune (Tribuna Rinascimento) was covered and two curves were added.
The Curva Nord is dedicated to Federico Pisani, the Curva Sud to Piermario Morosini.

The New Stadium of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio is an extraordinary opportunity for retailers. President Antonio Percassi has a very clear vision of how the European football system is evolving. Holding property of the Stadium means that it becomes home for the team and for the supporters, creating a stronger emotional connection.

The Stadium becomes an open space where to live an entertainment experience that includes not attending the sport event but doing shopping, having a meal or a break together with friends and family. The new Stadium will be a modern facility of international level and a destination to visit.

The reconstruction will offer 17 commercial units at the ground floor, food and non-food, between 60 and 400 square metres of surface, with a full view of the main street which is visible and available during the whole week.

The redevelopment of the facilities will be held in three steps; the works will be carried out when the league is on hold. The facility will be fully covered, the main tribunes will remain the same, as they are considered a historical asset, while the stands will be made from scratch. The total capacity will be of 24.000 seats.

The underground parking garage will be constructed in front of the Curva Sud for about 275 parking places which will still be managed by the City of Bergamo. The new Stadium will comply with all the regulations so that it will be possible to host the European competitions and international matches.

The reconstruction of the Gewiss Stadium started officially on 6 May 2019 by building the new Curva Nord Pisani.

On 25 June 2020, with all the difficulties and limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the second phase of works began in order to renovate the Tribune which has the access to Viale Giulio Cesare which is named now the Rinascimento Tribune (Renaissance Tribune).

The date of the third phase of works hasn’t been announced yet. In this phase the Curva Sud Morosini will be reconstructed and an underground car park will be built, adjoining the Curva.

The reconstruction of the Rinascimento Tribune started officially on 25 June 2020. The works were completed in less than four months, despite all the limitations and problems related to the Covid-19 pandemic and the home matches of the First team behind closed-doors that ended the campaign of the 2019-2020 Serie A.

On 4 October Atalanta actually played their first match of the 2020-2021 Serie A season at the Gewiss Stadium.

Atalanta-Cagliari was the season opener in which the Nerazzurri team won 5-2. Besides the reconstruction of the Rinascimento Tribune, the black and blue seats were installed in the Curva Sud Morosini: these and other works required by the UEFA allowed the Gewiss Stadium to receive the authorization to host the Champions League matches.
The debut of the New Curva Nord Pisani is dated 6 October 2019 in the occasion of the match Atalanta-Lecce.

It was a winning debut, as the Nerazzurri beat the Salentini by 3-1.
The works officially closed at the end of November 2019 after the so-called finishing touches.