Bologna, Gazzetta: “Arnautovic is close to returning”

BOLOGNA ARNAUTOVIC- Bologna returned to training ahead of Thursday’s match against Cagliari, in the Italian Cup.

Bologna, Gazzetta: “Arnautovic is close to returning”

Bologna returned after the defeat in Naples to train for Thursday’s match, in the Italian Cup, against Liverani’s Cagliari. In the meantime, here is the report on Arnautovic’s possible recovery. “The Austrian is working overtime. He wants to be there, he doesn’t want to give up now that the group needs him. He especially he wants to be present at the match against Lecce, which is a salvation match and counts a lot. Everyone knows it, Thiago Motta knows it well too. Arnautovic missed the Napoli match due to a back problem, an unexpected and painful knockout. But for the Dall’Ara challenge, everything should return to the right place. Yesterday in the group, Today Arnautovic will test the condition again. The week before the Maradona match had been tormented, difficult, full of doubts. This annoying low back pain recurs every now and then and Arnautovic is forced to stop. It’s an old story. Already in the summer, after returning from vacation, Marko had begun to experience some annoying pain in Pinzolo. The situation was immediately resolved, but the alarm has always remained on. It started on time before the Naples match. Marko was unable to heal and stayed at home… Before the match against Lecce there is also the Coppa Italia. It will be useful to test the condition, but Arnautovic will not be risked. If he feels better in the next few hours, Motta will evaluate his striker and decide whether to let him play for a few minutes. But the focus is obviously all on Sunday afternoon’s match against Lecce ”.


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