Bologna, Skorupski: “Szczesny plays for the national team because he is Juventus”

BOLOGNA SKORUPSKI – Very complex match at Bologna home where Thiago Motta’s men will challenge Juventus tomorrow night.

Bologna, Skorupski: “Szczesny plays for the national team because he is Juventus”

Bologna goalkeeper Lukasz Skorupski gave an interview to the Gazzetta dello Sport microphones. Below, the words of the Polish goalkeeper:

On Bologna:

Because we deserve and are worth absolutely more than what we have today. Today that we have a new coach, Motta, I can say that the ups and downs created in the days when Mihajlovic was not there influenced us. Nobody said it but being without the coach for a long time is not always easy. Weighs”.

On Mihaljovic:

With Mihajlovic we are all brothers. All of us who have lived through his difficult journey feel the relationship that has existed and will always be there. We have suffered with him, from far and near. They have been years different from everything, always. I regretted one thing: we didn’t say goodbye, I hope it will happen soon “.

About Thiago Motta:

I’m just saying we’re working hard, more than before: I like it. This team is full of talent but without talent work you do little. Maybe Juve can work a little less because they can rely on players of the highest quality, even if I don’t think they do; but we don’t, when things don’t go you have to work twice as much. I really liked the first thing she said to all of us: “You do what I tell you and if you make a mistake I will always be responsible, in front of you and the press”. It is a speech that has reassured me. He was a great champion and he knows how to relate to players: he works hard but then he interacts with us, he jokes, he is not touchy “.


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