Buffon: “I could play up to 55 years”

BUFFON PARMA – Parma continues the preparation, in the meantime the president Hause works on the incoming market to return to Serie A as soon as possible.

Buffon: “I could play up to 55 years”

Gianluigi Buffon, Parma goalkeeper, has spoken since Pejo’s retirement. He touched on various topics, including his past of him and the strongest players he has ever played with. Here are the words of the Parma goalkeeper:

Ten years in Parma in the first life, then twenty years at Juve in the second life, then one in Paris, two at Juve and now I close the circle in Parma and I’m in my second year. And I’m not 100. Retired at 55? More or less…”.

When you retire, will you train?

I have been thinking for many years about when I will stop. My ideas got confused, I’ve been thinking about it for 10 years but then I always go on. I think I have had important experiences that allow me to get to know the world of football, but I am not 100% sure that I will stay in this world. Maybe I’ll experience something else, I know football, I’m curious and I also like to know other worlds “.

As a child, which team did you support?

“As a child I was influenced by various things: players, colors, championships. As a child I used to go to my Juventus uncles in Udine and there I became a Juventus player. At Juve there was Trapattoni, who went to Inter. I didn’t support him but I supported Trapattoni for two years. When he left, I started following all the little girls. I’ve always liked David and Goliath. There was Avellino, Genoa .. then at 10 I followed Genoa up to 15-16 years “.

Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

It is not a question to ask because I have not played with Messi and therefore I cannot say. The champions are also seen in the locker room, I tell you. There are so many legends of huge players that in the end it was a lot of hot air. Focus on the men, more than the players. When they are the best player ever, you have to think that football has changed and we are helped to perform better. It is unfair to touch Pele, Maradona or Crujiff. If you are a sportsman you have to accept that others say that you were the strongest with others, otherwise you climb over to another dimension “.


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