Calciomercato, CdS: “All crazy for the central, what figures for the defense”

CALCIOMERCATO, CDS- As reported by the CdS to date, the figures and the great technical demands for the defense centers have become primary in the squads. Defense in football has always played a huge role that ended and recently was purely defending the goal without ever taking a step forward. Instead, today football has evolved and the defenders are the first forwards.

Calciomercato, CdS: “All crazy for the central, what figures for the defense”

Good, if possible, but above all ready and also many. We are looking for the replacements of Giorgio Chiellini (you said nothing), of Skriniar, De Ligt, Koulibaly, Milenkovic, Bremer, Sarri is looking for them (and it seems that he has finally found them) to remake the Lazio couple. They have become valuable commodities, if the PSG (which in truth has a reputation as a spendthrift and therefore does not do much text in this respect) is ready to pay Inter 70 million for Skriniar, it means that there is little around. Not because Skriniar is not a good defender, but because in a normal football world he can never be worth that amount. 


 Here, let’s start right from here, from the defense of Inter which in the other departments has already been fixed and also well. For Roberto Mancini, the possibility, at this concrete moment, that Bastoni stays in Milan is good news: if there is an absolute lack of central defenders, there are even more of them missing among the Italian players, better for the national team if Bastoni remains in Serie A. In departure is Skriniar for an incredible amount. On the economic level, if Marotta closes this operation too, it makes another deal. But he also does it on a technical level if he takes Bremer, the best scorer defender of last season, in place of the Slovakian. Ask Vlahovic for information: with both the Fiorentina and Juventus shirts, the Serbian did not see the ball against Bremer, a more flexible, more technical and more reactive defender than Skriniar. But Inter would not lose much even if Milenkovic came in his place, less strong than Bremer but also physically gifted and notable for the detachment even in the opposing area. Milenkovic, used to the Italian back four, moving to Inter should refresh the memory of the back three of the previous year; for Bremer, from this point of view, no problem.


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