Cioffi, Bargiggia: “He will go to Verona while Tudor at Galatasaray”

At “Senza Filtri”, a television program conceived by Luca Cerchione and conducted by Paolo Bargiggia broadcast on Foto Ema Live (92 dgtv Campania), the editorial staff of collected some of the statements of the well-known television host.

Cioffi, Bargiggia: “He will go to Verona while Tudor at Galatasaray”

“Cioffi will leave Udinese to land in Verona, with Tudor at Galatasaray. Braida would like to put Gattuso back on track who does not feel ready to start over. Koulibaly-Juventus I am not aware that Juventus’ budget is not that large and the boy does not want to leave Naples. From the referee point of view it was really a difficult year, very complicated to interpret. The La Spezia episodes are really just a bad page of the day. In the blue square there is a lot of disbelief with also conflicting statements between a disappointed Mertens and a happy Spalletti for the Champions League, Giuntoli the great extra man of the blue company who with little has pulled important shots for the blue team to which he is often lack of a relevant figure in society.

The numbers of Juventus are really embarrassing, he did little and played really badly, Pirlo was treated very badly and Sarri was sent away but without having the opportunity to put his hand in the team, the stickers are of no use to anyone, they need the ideas of the coaches who are currently overshadowed too much. Thiago Motta will not coach PSG, but watch out for Zidane for the French bench ”.

Pasquale Caldarelli


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