Di Marzio on Renato Sanches: “There is a risk that Milan could lose him, but …”

Gianluca Di Marzio, journalist and Sky Sports expert, spoke about the situation of Renato Sanches at Milan. PSG’s inclusion is complicating the Rossoneri’s plans. Furthermore, Di Marzio also provided new details on the renewals of Massara and Maldini.

Di Marzio on Renato Sanches: “There is a risk that Milan could lose him, but …”

“In the last few hours there have been new contacts between RedBird and Massara and Maldini, to get the final ok. The hope is to do everything this week, we’ll see if it will. The renewals would allow Milan to return to accelerate on some goals. On Sanches, the inclusion of PSG has changed the conditions, because he wants to make a higher bid. The risk that Milan could lose Renato exists, but as long as there is a possibility the Rossoneri will go on ”.

Di Marzio: “Here’s who could be the alternative to Renato Sanches”

“It’s plan A, B and C for the midfield. Another name Milan have worked on is Enzo Fernandez, but there are Benfica and Wolves (English emissaries expected in Argentina). But if the Rossoneri call, the player would say yes “.

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