Dybala, La Gazzetta: “The road that leads to Inter”

Following his recent farewell to Juve, the Argentine star is still looking for a team. Initially the main suspect seemed to be Inter, but Lukaku’s arrival changed the club’s plans. But the fate of the Nerazzurri and Dybala remains equally crossed, as confirmed by today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Dybala, La Gazzetta: “To Inter on one condition”

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Below are the words reported by the well-known Italian newspaper:

The more the days pass, the more the shouting around increases, and the more the harsh reality takes shape. Paulo Dybala is a talent without a team, a luxury free agent, hanging on the decisions of others and not his. Inter, on the other hand, after a long process of seduction, took a step back in negotiations with the Argentine. Or rather, he did it so he could control it remotely. Maybe with a strategic phone with the entourage like the one on Monday evening, without going further though.

And this is where the donkey falls: no one moves, Paulo and his staff do not reduce their demands, but they don’t even collect interest in the most important football chancelleries. At the same time, the Nerazzurri don’t even move a pawn on the board, also because they count on a king who has just arrived from Belgium. It’s a Mexican stalemate, a game of balance.

If Inter is still the favorite in the Joya race, it is because the other rivals have not presented any official offers. Obviously the question remains open and the diplomatic channels never interrupted. With only one variable, time, which could change the cards for everyone. 

However, in addition to softening the entourage, to have Dybala, the Nerazzurri should above all make room. Because the forwards will have to be four, plus the talented Carboni aggregated from the Primavera. Not only goodbye Sanchez, but Dzeko and Correa are in the balance to make room for Joya ”.

Edoardo Riccio 

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