EURO 2020 fantasy football games

This is a guide to the major fantasy football games being run throughout the Euro 2020 matches this summer.

Euro 2020 is the most hotly anticipated event of a long and arduous football season. The European Championship is attended by the best national teams on the continent and watched by billions across the world. Given its popularity, it is no wonder that fans are eager to continue their fantasy football journey with teams in the Euro.

Several high-profile games are stepping up and providing millions of football fans with what they want. Here’s a look at the top fantasy football games including Euro 2020. This is what each offers, how you can play and what to expect.

UEFA’s official EURO 2020 fantasy football game

UEFA has created its own fantasy football game to coincide with the Euro 2020. So far the game has proven highly succesful. This game is also paired with a predictor game and other events inside of the official site.

  • How is the fantasy Euro 2020 game played?

Users need to create a draft. The squad selection is comprised of players taking part in Euro 2020. Each squad must contain 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, 3 attackers. Each player is awarded a certain transfer fee. Managers must make sure their entire squad selection is made using a budget of €100 million. The number of credits raises to 105 starting with the Round of 16.

Managers may decide on their formation, captain and can make as many substitutions as they want between match days. Users can also make transfers at specific times during the tournament.

  • What prizes does it offer?

The Euro fantasy football game offers prizes that include tickets to matches in the tournament, as well as merchandise and coupons from the tournament’s official sponsors.

  • What does the game offer beyond the European Championship?

The game is specifically designed for Euro 2020. However, UEFA will set up, most likely, fantasy football events based on the competitions that they organize throughout the season, such as the UEFA Champions League.

FantaEuropei 2021

Fantacalcio Online is a game platform that develops fantasy football games focused on the Italian top-tier, Serie A. They too have organized a special fantasy event in connection with Euro 2020. The game is built, largely, on the building blocks of their Fantacalcio game.

  • How is the fantasy Euro 2020 game played?

FantaEuropei is run exclusively on mobile using an app developed by the Italian company. Results are based on the real performances of all the teams taking place in Euro 2020.

Managers are helped by a virtual assistant designed to help them with advice. Fantasy football leagues are also easily set up in this game, with most of the work to set up the league being done automatically by the game.

The app also offers a number of features designed to assist fantasy managers. Predicted lineups live results, and other info is offered in real-time throughout the competition.

  • What prizes does it offer?

The game does not include special prizes at the time of writing.

  • What does the game offer beyond the European Championship?

Fantacalcio Online focuses on each season of Serie A. In the past, they also hosted the 2018 World Cup. The company also offers fully customizable fantasy football solutions.



FootballCoin is a fantasy football game where each event is registered using blockchain technology. The game features all of the games in Euro 2020, as well as all top domestic leagues.

  • How is the fantasy Euro 2020 game played?

All of the games in Euro 2020 are included in contests in FootballCoin. Users need to register for these daily events. Most of these are free, but some include an entry fee paid in the game’s cryptocurrency, XFC.

The game does not include a budget. The fantasy managers create a team using player cards. Most cards are free to choose from, but some need to be bought using XFC. Once bought, they enter the user’s ownership. They can be used any time the player represented on the card plays.

A fantasy draft wins based on the number of points each player in the squad accumulates. FootballCoin’s scoring system is quite complex, including details such as passes, corners, fouls, goals conceded. Managers compete in daily events, and also on a leaderboard counting for the entire Euro 2020.

  • What prize does it offer?

Each contest features a prize expressed in XFC cryptocurrency. The currency is convertible to fiat, and FootballCoin advertises potential winnings of up to 1000 Euros per day.

  • What does the game offer beyond the European Championship?

FootballCoin includes all of the major domestic leagues (Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, etc). Daily fantasy contests will include matches from these competitions.

Fantaeuropeo by, the most famous fantasy football game in Italy, will host its own Euro fantasy competition as a break from their regular Serie A activities.

  • How is the fantasy Euro 2020 game played?

Users can register for the competition using their regular Fantacalcio account. The game takes into account all of the matches played during the Euro 2020 competition. Players receive points on the familiar Fantacalcio scoring system.

  • What prize does it offer?

The game offers real prizes. The top award in the game receives €3000. The top 23 participants also receive points.

  • What does the game offer beyond the European Championship?

Fantacalcio will continue with their regular fantasy schedule once the Serie A season gets ready to begin. It continues to be the flagship fantasy football in Serie A and continues to be famous across the world.


SoRare is a fantasy football game focused on collectible tokens. These player cards are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and their price varies based on that of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The game does not include entire leagues, but select clubs from leagues throughout the world.

  • How is the fantasy Euro 2020 game played?

In order to take part in any fantasy football event in SoRare, users must purchase player cards beforehand. These cards are tradeable on the game’s market. Prices for the cards, however, remain high. Cards are also divided into groups based on the card’s rarity and the number of points a card can score.

The game also does not include a full 11 lineup similar to other games. Managers create a roster of 5 cards.

SoRare also does not include specific Euro 2020 related events. However, matches from the Euro championship are included among their regular events. Only cards registered to the game’s system may be used.

  • What prize does it offer?

Each SoRare fantasy event offers cards from the game as prizes. The rarity of the cards and the market price of the card are taken into consideration when being offered various rewards.

What does the game offer beyond the European Championship?

SoRare offers fantasy football events related to the matches of teams specifically included in the game. The crypto-game, however, focuses more on the trade of cards that they bill as NFTs, with the fantasy football aspects not treated as a priority.

Other Euro 2020 games

A fantasy football game developed by a company traditionally focusing on Serie A fantasy football.

A new crypto-backed game encouraging collectible

Enjoy this summer’s Euro 2020 matches by choosing the ideal fantasy football game for you based on our guide.

What platforms did you use to enjoy fantasy football at this Euro 2020? Make sure to keep an eye on our site for up-to-date information about the best fantasy football games around.

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