Euroleghe Fantacalcio Mantra: the best strikers to be picked up at auction

Fantasy football, the best strikers of the Bundesliga

In view of the start of the new 2021-22 season of Euroleghe Fantasy Football, we will help you find the best possible players in the forward role. The list is really interesting and the fun has only just begun.

Lewandowski (PC): The Polish striker of the Bayern Monaco is probably the best in his role, finishing second to the Ballon d’Or 2021 behind only Leo Messi. A finisher of excellence, 41 goals last season of Bundesliga which allowed him to surpass the ten-year record of the historian Gerd Muller. The player also kicks the team’s penalties and travels with a voting average of 9.35: need to add more?

Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) and Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)
Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) and Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)

Haaland (PC): The Norwegian giant of Borussia Dortmund is ready to realize all the offensive quality of the yellow and black playmakers, supported by Reus e Doodling. A player who does not need any introduction, especially given the 42 goals in 44 appearances in the German tournament at just twenty-one years of age. Together with Lewandowski, That of Haaland is the important name of the entire plank: aim for it without ifs and buts.

Andrè Silva (PC): The Portuguese forward of the Leipzig was last season’s second-best scorer with 28 goals overall, behind only Lewandowski. After a great year with Eintracht Frankfurt, where he seems to have reached an important technical maturity, with Leipzig he is ready to make the last leap in quality. He will play as the first striker and absolute pivot of the team, being also the penalty taker of the team: many bonuses in sight for him, behind only the two aliens of Bayern Monaco e Borussia Dortmund.

Weghorst (PC): The aDutch striker of the Wolfsburg is that unpredictable solution for every fantasy coach. A physically dominant player, capable of making the department practically alone and able to score in any way: head, area, out of area, right, left and above all on a penalty. A very interesting striker capable of scoring 25 goals in the Bundes last season: a really recommended deal, especially given the European ambitions of the Wolves

The best strikers of the La Liga

Suarez (PC): The Uruguayan forward of theAtletico Madrid it needs no introduction for all football lovers. A real goal machine, reborn last year with 21 goals in Liga after the difficult farewell to Barcelona. A true raptor of the area, cynical, quick and above all decisive: The gunman it must be yours, especially considering the many scoring chances that can happen in a league like the Spanish one.

Benzema (PC): The French center forward of the Real Madrid represents the true reincarnation of the word “goal“. Sense of position, man-team, finisher, scorer, player capable of transforming any ball that comes in front of him into the net: clean or dirty, with Benzema the ball always ends up in the net. A striker to be taken absolutely without thinking twice.

Vinicius junior (A): The young striker of the Real it can really turn out to be one more card for every fantasy coach. At just 21 years old, this season he has already surpassed his score from last season after 35 games: 9 goals in just 14 games, crazy numbers. Launched in recent years by Zidane, now with Ancelotti could definitely consecrate himself to the Olympus of football. A player to bet on absolutely.

Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad)
Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad)

oyarzabal (A): The Spanish forward of the Real Sociedad he is the most talented player of the Basques and in recent years he has carved out an important space in the national team led by Luis Enrique. A player capable of scoring and scoring, designated above all as the team’s penalty taker: bonus in sight?

Depay (A): The attacker of the Barcelona is definitely a very interesting pawn for this season of Euroleghe Fantasy Football. A player capable of scoring 20 goals in last season’s Ligue 1, and to make 8 already in the first 14 of Liga. The Dutchman really looks like the extra weapon of the Blaugrana, especially now with the new license plate era Xavi: area robber and very technical, Depay can really give many joys to their fantasy coaches.

The best strikers of Ligue 1

Messi (A): Describe the seven times Golden Ball in a nutshell it would be reductive and misleading: its history, its records and its trophies speak for themselves. It was difficult in the summer to see him with a different shirt from that of Barcelona, but a player like this will also be able to give joys and satisfactions to the PSG. In this first phase of the season he has only found one goal in six games of League 1, but a period of acclimatization serves everyone, even the “aliens“. The Flea it cannot be left there.

Mbappé (Psg)
Mbappé (Psg)

Mbappè (PC): The second of the three offensive stars of the Paris Saint-Germain. The French player is preparing to become one of the strongest in history and work alongside Messi e Neymar it can only help him in his consecration. Already 7 goals in the first 14 games played: the future is all on his side. While waiting to resolve the difficult contract issue with the Parisians, Kylian is that forward who must never be missing in a fantasy football formation. In mantra mode he is considered to be the Central Point, an extra chance if you hadn’t managed to grab people like Lewandowski o Haaland.

Neymar (A): The third supporting actor of the three-star attack of PSG. The Brazilian phenomenon will have to stand still for several weeks due to the bad injury he suffered against Saint Etienne, but on his return he will surely want to “destroy” whatever comes before him, especially in view of the World Cup in Qatar. 3 goals in the first 9 games played, but with a great desire to show off and come back stronger than before. It could be a great solution in view of a possible repair market.

Payet (A / T): Despite the 34 years of age, the forward of the Marseille represents in every season a real and pleasant surprise for all football lovers. Technique combined with talent, goals and assists in the service of teammates. 6 goals in the first 11 games played, one goal every 156 minutes: absolutely to be taken.

David (PC): The Canadian forward born in 2001 of Lille is proving the true revelation of Ligue 1. Ten goals in fifteen games, one goal every 107 minutes and more and more league strikers. A strong central striker, fast and able to find the way to the goal: why not?

Ronaldo (Manchester United) Messi (Psg)
Ronaldo (Manchester United) Messi (Psg)

The best strikers of the Premier League

Cristiano Ronaldo (PC): The Portuguese ace returned to his home on that Manchester United that several years ago launched him in the world of football. At the moment only 4 goals and 2 assists in the first 10 games played by CR7, but a great desire for revenge and to write a piece of history once again. Not an easy time for the Red Evils, that only with the help of Cristiano can they return to aspire to something great. The former Juventus certainly cannot be ignored at auction!

Sterling (A): The English striker of the Manchester City has been for years the weapon in most of the Citizens. Having started a little quietly this year, the player is ready to carry the squad led by Pep on his shoulders Guardiola and chasing a new Premier title. In Mantra mode, his role as Attacker is worth gold: absolutely to be taken.

Vardy (Leicester) and Salah (Liverpool)
Vardy (Leicester) and Salah (Liverpool)

Salah (A): The player of the Liverpool it certainly needs no introduction. The Egyptian is the real deadliest weapon of the Reds and its purchase is highly recommended. Eleven goals in thirteen games, an average of one goal every 106 minutes and penalty shooter of the team: a real war machine, Jurgen’s real winning wildcard Klopp and any self-respecting fantasy coach.

vardy (PC): Nine seasons with Foxes, over 120 Premier League goals: Jamie vardy is the true emblem of the Leicester City. Nine goals in the first thirteen games played, one every 124 minutes, behind only Momo Salah in the top scorers. The English striker, penalty shooter of the team, must be yours at any cost: he will not disappoint you.

Lukaku (PC): After the farewell in the summer with the‘Inter, the Belgian forward has returned to the Chelsea: suffered three goals in the first matches of the season, then some physical problems too many. However, he remains one of the main tops on our list and as soon as he is back in shape, he will give the defenders a hard time. Premier, none excluded. 

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