Euroleghe Fantacalcio, the best goalkeepers in the Premier League

Fantasy football is one of the most loved and practiced games in Italy. Thousand of fantasy coaches every year they come together to compete for the best players in the league, and between auctions and exchanges they try to create a squad capable of winning the league among friends. In addition to the one on the Serie A, leagues focused on foreign championships have established themselves in recent years. One of the most followed and most loved is undoubtedly the Premier League, which has established itself as one of the best leagues in Europe, if not the best ever, full of great champions and extraordinary teams. In this guide we will analyze the best goalkeepers in the championship.Beyond the Channel, Between top absolute, big from the first range and possible surprises to be taken perhaps at a low price and which can have an excellent performance.

The tops to take absolutely

Ederson (Manchester City): The Brazilian is not only one of the best goalkeepers in the world for performance and characteristics. The defense of the Manchester City, with Rúben Days and Aymeric The door to command the department playing from central, is very rocky, and allows the number 31 to be among the least beaten goalkeepers in Europe. In the first 20 games of this season i Citizens they only suffered 13 goal, cashing in well 11 clean sheet with the ex Benfica between the posts, which was an immovable holder of the team of Guardiola, only skipping the October 16 match against the Burnley. The cost is certainly high, but the expense will be amply repaid.

Alisson (Liverpool)
Alisson (Liverpool)

Alisson (Liverpool): After the difficult season last year, between his injury and that of the defensive leader Virgil Van Dijk, the goalkeeper of the Liverpool is back in style this season. THE Reds are third in the league with one game less than the Chelsea, opponent of this day, only one point away. The defense of the team of the Mercy suffered alone 16 goal, with 9 clean sheet on the notebook of the former Rome.

Mendy (Chelsea): And it is the goalkeeper of the Blues the third top to consider. Alone 14 goals conceded in 20 games, with 8 clean sheet for Senegalese, re-entered the list for Jašin award then went to Gianluigi Donnarumma. Be careful though, because the number 1 of Chelsea will be engaged in Africa Cup of Nations with his national team, which is why it is advisable to take with him Kepa who, market permitting, will defend the London team’s goalposts awaiting Mendy’s return.

Big from the first tier

De Gea (Manchester United): The defense of Red Devils not exactly among the least beaten in the championship, considering i 26 goals conceded, but the Spaniard often keeps his team afloat with fundamental saves in a considerable number for being the goalkeeper of a big team: he is in fact the second goalkeeper for saves made in the league. The only ones 4 clean sheet they could be a problem, for a goalkeeper who would guarantee high marks but also at least a -1 almost sure. Also noteworthy is the two penalties saved in the league, against Watford e West Ham, an important stat that brings substantial bonuses.

Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester)
Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester)

Schmeichel (Leicester): Speaking of penalties saved, Kasper Schmeichel he is a true expert. This year he hypnotized “only” Mohamed Salah in the match against Liverpool on December 28th, but the son of the great Peter is, statistically speaking, an excellent penalty bar. He too is having a hard time with the Foxes, with 33 goals conceded and alone 3 clean sheet, but it is always among the best of his.

Lloris (Tottenham): The goalkeeper of the Spurs, as well as the whole team, had a real rebirth after the arrival of Antonio Tale on the bench of the North London. The team hasn’t lost yet, they’ve just suffered 4 goals in the last 7 games of the championship, and the Frenchman climbed to sixth place in the league table of least beaten goalkeepers in the Premier League with 8 clean sheet, like Mendy.

Lloris (Tottenham)
Lloris (Tottenham)

Pickford (Everton): The goalkeeper of the England national team he is experiencing a difficult period in the second team of Liverpool, but his value remains undeniable. 16 games played, 26 goals conceded and 3 clean sheet they are not an absolute top business card, especially considering the crisis that theEverton, fifteenth in the standings with three games to recover, but the goalkeeper vice-champion of Europe is still a valid alternative to the top of the department.

Fabianski (West Ham): The real surprise of the season in the Premier League is the West Ham, fifth in the standings. The Hammers have suffered 27 league goals, but the Polish goalkeeper was among the protagonists, with 4 clean sheet and a penalty saved, on the only two whistled against the men of Moyes.

Ramsdale (Arsenal): I Gunners are in full revival, they are in fourth place in the standings after many dark years and the former goalkeeper of Bournemouth e Sheffield United is establishing himself as one of the best in the league. 16 goals conceded in 17 games played with 9 clean sheet for the 23-year-old, who left as Bernd’s reserve Leno but which, to the sound of convincing performances and great saves, has earned the place as a starter.

Possible surprises

Martínez (Aston Villa): Goalkeeper Champion of America with the Argentina national team he did not start the season as well with the club. L’Aston Villa is in fact in twelfth place in the league, with 28 goals conceded and only 5 clean sheet but the South American, who also has saved a penalty in Aubameyang undergoing two from Jorginho in the last game played, the 26th December, it can be a less expensive alternative to the big stars of the big ones. The defense of villains Axel’s departure will also suffer To Tuanze, expected in the next few days in Naples to join the team of Spalletti, but Martinez remains a pillar that can bring good grades, the result of often high-level performances.

Sánchez (Brighton): With 16 goals conceded in 17 appearances e 6 clean sheet, the Spaniard is certainly among the surprises of the championship. The Brighton is currently in tenth position, with two games to recover which, in the best of cases, would send the seagulls very close to the Europe area. Part of the credit undoubtedly goes to the native Cartagena goalkeeper, who has been instrumental in many games, closing the shutter against theArsenal and managing to keep his counter-teams afloat the likes of Chelsea, Leicester, West Ham e Liverpool.

Jose Sa (Wolverhampton)
Jose Sa (Wolverhampton)

Sá (Wolverhampton): Another team close to the Europe area is the Wolverhampton, currently eighth, also with two races to recover. In the 18 games so far, however, José’s goal she was unclimbed for good 7 times higher, with suns 14 goals conceded which make the Wolves one of the best defenses in the league. The Portuguese former Olympiacos has made a decisive impact on the new team, which he has been a part of last summer, and has seen his value grow exponentially in recent years. THE Wanderers they are the ideal stage to continue a growth path that can lead to class of ’93 at the highest levels.

Guaita (Crystal Palace): The team a little further away from the two just analyzed is the Crystal Palace, which he found in Vicente Guaita a great goalkeeper. The Spaniard, present in 18 matches with the London team, has 25 goals immediately, keeping the door for 5 times higher and managing, where possible, to limit the damage against teams such as Leicester e Manchester United, in addition to putting his signature on important victories such as the one against Tottenham (3-0) Everton (3-1) and in 0 – 2 against Manchester City at the end of October. Solution low cost which could give surprises, even if less attractive than other profiles already on the list.

La Premier League is one of the funniest and most exciting championships in the world, and it is no wonder that there are so many fantasy coaches have decided to play fantasy football with the favorites of the English public. In a sparkling, spectacular football with many goals, it is not easy to find fantacalcistically attractive goalkeepers, who suffer little or nothing and who have a large number of unbeaten games, but these profiles are the best that football.Beyond the Channel can offer. Extremely strong defenders, with great talent and who, with their performances, can also make up for any malus due to goals conceded.  

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