Euroleghe fantasy football: the best defenders in the Premier League

In addition to being the championship European which captures the attention of the international football scene the most, the Premier League it is certainly one of the most exciting national competitions. A tournament with a never predictable outcome, enigmatic from the starting line up to the last months of spring. The highest category English welcomes new top players every year, in order to guarantee a constant quality level to its spectators. L’England, in fact, it represents one of the favorite destinations of the best players of the historical moment. A really interesting mix of samples that involves a significant number of young promises and champions formed in the past purchased in the millions from abroad. Furthermore, in recent years, the tactical aspect has improved dramatically with the arrival of expert technicians recognized everywhere for the great talent that distinguishes them. Just think of Pep Guardiola, technical of Manchester City, and Marcelo Bielsa, coach of the Leeds regarded as one of the revolutionaries of modern football. Therefore, the myth that he attributed to the Premier the intensity of the collectives as the only strength.

The defensive phase is also clearly improving, an aspect that has received greater consideration through the arrival of experts from historically more prepared nations. Not surprisingly, the best companies in the United Kingdom they are especially remembered for the respective tactical organizations of the protagonists. The Leicester by Claudio Ranieri and Chelsea by Antonio Tale they represent the perfect example of constant application in the non-possession phase. However, considerable help to the coaches has come from the clubs through the great economic effort in the transfer market that has distinguished football for several years. English. Harry Maguire, defender of Manchester United, is currently the eighth most expensive purchase in the history of the competition. Transfer worth eighty-seven million euros for the former powerhouse of the Foxes. Similar speech for Virgil Van Dijk, a real giant bought by Liverpool by Jurgen Klopp in 2017 for a figure close to ninety million. In short, the pharaonic expenses of the great entrepreneurs of the Premier League they do not concern only and exclusively forwards and midfielders with a high level of quality.

Euroleghe, the new era of classic fantasy football

Arrived for the first time in Italy thanks to the great intuition of Riccardo Albini, the Fantasy Football is a game that allows participants to play the role of a real president of a football team by purchasing real footballers for a fantasy competition that usually involves a fairly large number of challengers. According to the latest statistics, the number of fantasy coaches, a term attributed to those who field their own training every week, has even exceeded that concerning the real sportsmen who practice football on the green rectangle. Each season, approximately six million people compete in public or private leagues for personal glory against friends or mere strangers belonging to the same league. This mass phenomenon has expanded its borders, uniting different nations in a single titled competition Eurolegies. A great innovation that has collected the best stars of the football firmament in the same fantasy sport game.

Ruben Dias and Joao Cancelo, the Portuguese guarantees of Guardiola

Purchased in the summer of 2020 from Benfica for a figure close to seventy-five million euros, Ruben Days represents a real point of reference for the defensive department of the Manchester City by Pep Guardiola, current leader of the Premier League. The Portuguese born in 1997, he has already made twenty league appearances with two extras on the scorers’ table and as many assists. Four, however, the admonitions. In short, satisfactory numbers for a central. Similar speech for Joao Cancel it, landed atEtihad Stadium in 2019 after an excellent season with the first Juventus by Cristiano Ronaldo. The former Inter he can play both left and right in the role of full-back. However, he does the best of external duties when needed. Only one goal for the talent who grew up in the ranks of the club that plays in the most important tournament in the Portugal with four decisive steps for other people’s achievements.

Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)
Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)

Alexander-Arnold, the king of bonuses

Impressive stats over the course of this season for Trent Alexander Arnold, right back of the Liverpool guided by the technician tedesco Jurgen Klopp. Seventeen appearances in Premier League with two goals and even eight assists for a percentage of participation in goals of 20%. Music for the ears of fantasy coaches, the talent of Reds represents an incredible chance to get bonuses even with players who are part of the large battery of defenders available. A loyal to the former coach of the Borussia Dortmund, the 1998 class has all the credentials to offer a notable contribution to the Euroleague teams.

Antonio Rudiger, a certainty for Chelsea

Grew up in Bundesliga with the Stuttgart and exploded in Italy with the shirt of Roma, Anthony Rudiger is one of the immovable of the chessboard of Chelsea by Thomas Tuchel. It is a central defender with an incredible physical structure accompanied by a speed that is anything but common that allows the tedesco to cover the role of right-back if necessary without any kind of problem. Statistics identical to those of Ruben Days from the point of view of goals and assists, a real certainty from the point of view of ownership. Except for a competition between the Blues and Brentford, the former yellow Red has always been deployed in the starting lineup in the matches of Premier League.

Saiss (Wolverhampton)
Saiss (Wolverhampton)

From the province with fury

Several players who play in less popular teams in the top division English they could give great satisfaction considering the quality-price ratio. Roman Saiss of Wolverhampton, in fact, it boasts a convincing playing time from a perspective Fantasy Football with two goals scored this season. Similar speech for Tyrick Mitchell of Crystal Palace, not a great contribution from the point of view of bonuses but a certainty in terms of ownership. Similar scenario for Kyle Walker Peters of Southampton and Marc Weather in Cuccurella of Brighton & Hove Albion, names known for their constant presence in the initial formations of their respective teams.

By Ivan Serio

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