EXCLUSIVE – ​​FIFA Ag. Marco Lucchi: “What a start for Milan and Napoli! On Inter and Juventus … “

Exclusively to our microphones theFIFA agent Marco Lucchi to talk about the current moment of Serie A. These are his words:

How do you judge this championship so far?

“It’s a championship which is divided between teams that are showing some continuity with what was shown in the last year and teams that are looking for a different identity after a market which has brought new qualities to the squad “

Who falls within the first category?

“Without a doubt the Napoli. The team of Spalletti, with careful and targeted grafts, it has managed to continue that path of results and play already started last year. Then we cannot fail to mention the Milan.

The team of Pioli seems one with his coach. The game ideas are certain and solid in the minds of the players and this has allowed a trend in line with what has been shown in the recent past.

Even the two Roman in my opinion fully fall into the category. There Lazio in fact it is maintaining the great qualities shown in the second part of last season, while the Roma has also achieved noteworthy results, waiting for a talent like Wijnaldum

For Inter e Juventus? ”They are teams that are looking for a different identity after a level transfer market that has brought new qualities to the squad.

Inter are looking for a squaring capable of enhancing their squad of absolute value, which now can also count on a player of the level of Lukaku; while Juventus is building a game idea capable of fully involving players of the caliber of Bremer, Of Maria, Kostic, also awaiting the return of Pogba, and at the same time enhance the qualities of Vlahovic.

Then let’s not forget, the accidents, which inevitably slowed down these processes “

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