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Fantasy Football EuroLeague Classic, the best forwards to take at auction

For those who participate in Fantasy Football Euroleagues it is important to know the players of the main European championships: here is a list of the best strikers to try to take at auction

Fantacalcio is definitely one of the most loved games in Italy, some are very competitive and are ready to exult in case of victory or despair and complain endlessly in case of defeat, not to mention the classic owfate intended for the opponent of the day, that often succeed as well. For some years, moreover, the most passionate fantallenatori can take advantage of an interesting news, that is the one of the Euroleagues, that is the possibility to play also with the players of the foreign teams of the most important European championships. To participate in this special competition, you obviously need to study the players: here is a list of the best strikers that you can buy at auction in the classic system.

Premier League

It starts from the English championship, considered by many as the best in Europe and perhaps in the world. The first bomber you can bet on as top has just returned to the Premier League, to seek his personal revenge: it is Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian striker, after his experience at Inter, returns to Chelsea with the desire to confirm himself at high levels and be able to play as a protagonist in the Champions League, so you can reward his hunger for goals, do not forget that it is also rigorista, and try to take it, it promises loads of bonuses.

The other big comeback of the summer in this championship is the one that seemed impossible, but that materialized in the last days of August: Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United. CR7 starts again from where it started to become a champion, where it began to demonstrate to the whole world of football what he is capable of when he comes to the field. Of course he will be the protagonist among the Red Devils and in the Euroleagues, he could also be the most paid among those of this tournament, as was the case in the Fantacalcio of Serie A, and it is normal that it is so: he can score from one moment to another, has an impressive performance continuity, is an excellent shooter from eleven meters and aims to redeem himself on free kicks, in short, can make you win many games.

Salah (Liverpool) and  Kane (Tottenham)
Salah (Liverpool) and Kane (Tottenham)

Another striker worth investing a good part of your budget is undoubtedly Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian is now a frequent visitor to the English playing grounds, having reached the fifth season with the jersey of Liverpool, Club where he has definitively consecrated himself as one of the best players in the world. One like this can make a difference in your fantasy team, because he brings almost always good grades, numerous assists and many goals, even on penalty, so it is definitely recommended as a first or second slot.

The Premier League really offers many top level bombers, among which the strongest in recent years is the name of Harry Kane. After a European leading role, however, culminating with the defeat in the final at the hands of Italy, and a summer in which he was long in the crosshairs of Manchester City, the English striker remained at Tottenham, And he wants to pick up where he stopped at the end of last season, which is to wipe out the opposing defenses with the force of a hurricane and scoring a “raffica“, so decisive for your “scontri diretti” and your ranking.


Let’s move to Germany to analyze the best strikers of the German championship. Of course, the first slot of dreams, the one everyone wants on the team, is just one: Robert Lewandowski. The bomber of the bombers, a very strong striker who for many years did the fortunes of Bayern Munich, perhaps the best center forward in the world at this historic moment, among other things a serious candidate for the Golden Ball. The Pole is able to always score, at least one goal per game and often even more, has an impressive continuity and in front of the goal is a “judgment”: it is useless to tell you that for him in an auction his purchase will unleash hell because he’s probably the best you can have in a Euroleague.

Immediately after the 1988 class there is another phenomenon, younger than 12 years but already with crazy numbers: Erling Haaland. The Norwegian striker is breaking all the records of precociousness and, at just 21 years, is already one of the best strikers around, so much so that several big European football clubs compete for him. Of course, even in a fantasy team such a profile is a certainty: many goals, many bonuses and many joys for fantasy coaches.

Lewandowski (Bayern Monaco) e Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)
Lewandowski (Bayern Monaco) e Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)

If you are looking for a name different from these two champions, we have the solution for you: André Silva. The former Portuguese Milan has finally reached full football maturity since he joined the Bundesliga, as evidenced by his numbers in the experience at Eintracht Frankfurt, in which he found an excellent confidence with the goal. He even made one more goal than Haaland and graduated as Deputy Top Scorer behind the unattainable Lewandowski last season. In summer the transfer to Leipzig, in which he is a candidate to become an immovable starter and to confirm himself a relentless bomber, as well as a first penalty taker, so you can bet on him if you want to surprise your opponents.

Let’s close the German chapter with another old acquaintance of our championship, Patrick Schick. The Czech striker played an excellent European Cup with his national team, making a wonderful midfield goal and graduating as top scorer, together with Cristiano Ronaldo, of the competition, with 5 total goals. The former Roma and Sampdoria want to start again from this achievement and take on his shoulder his Bayer Leverkusen, with the aim of disputing the season of final consecration. He is not a super bomber at the level of the first three mentioned, but he has all the cards in order to abundantly exceed the double-digit and give you satisfaction.


Let’s move to Spain now to get a closer look at the best strikers in La Liga. You can not leave by saying the name of Karim Benzema, a real bomber, always ready to take advantage of the slightest opportunity to “throw it in”. The French striker, in recent years, has also learned to work more for the team and is becoming an offensive regista, in addition of being a long-time leader. he is an essential pawn for Real Madrid that can also become decisive for the fantallenatori, you can bet on him with your eyes closed, it is a guarantee.

Moving to the other side of the Spanish capital, a great “rapace” of the opposing penalty areas is undoubtedly Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan forward of Atletico Madrid made the difference last season, bringing Colchoneros to the conquest of the championship with his goals. Its offensive weight is considerable and its prolificacy does not diminish, that is why he can be a great purchase to the Euroleagues.

Benzema (Real Madrid) and Suarez (Atletico Madrid)
Benzema (Real Madrid) and Suarez (Atletico Madrid)

A profile less considered but equally interesting could be that of Menphis Depay: the Dutch, after several years at Lyon, has the opportunity to try again in a great European football like Barcelona and will do everything not to waste this chance. The feeling with the goal is certainly not lacking and he will prove it in Catalonia, so you can count on him as a surprise purchase (but not too much) because he will surely score many goals.

Let’s close with the real revelation of last season, that player who dragged the Villarreal to the conquest of the Europa League: we are talking about Gerard Moreno. The Spaniard scored lots of goals, gave numerous assists and often provided excellent performances, which is why his price has risen considerably, in direct proportion to his fame, and betting on his continuity under the goal again this year is legit, so you can invest a good amount on him.

Ligue 1

The last league to pay attention to for the Euroleagues is the French one. It is impossible not to mention the name of one of the best players currently active: Lionel Messi. La Pulce is a new entry of Ligue 1 and could pay for the adaptation to a new context like that of the PSG after many years lived in Barcelona, in which he was the undisputed star, while now he is surrounded by other super champions such as Neymar and Mbappe. Certainly, however, the Argentine will remain the usual bonus machine, the “falls” of goals and assists will not miss, so keep in mind him even with this new shirt.

In addition to the great signatures of the Parisian squadron, in the Transalpine tournament, we can find other excellent strikers, for example an old acquaintance of ours as Arkadiusz Milik. The former Napoli and current bomber of Marseille, net of some physical problems too, is a center-forward very strong and sees the door well. That’s why, if he stays away from the infirmary,he can be an interesting name to bet on, maybe paid a little less than his real value, but still a profitable investment.

Mbappè (Psg)
Mbappè (Psg)

Another forward who can do it for you is the expert and still decisive Burak Yilmaz. The Turkish, at 36 years, is back from a recent season “da urlo“, in which he dragged “a suon di goals” his Lille to the conquest of the championship. His age is advancing and he still wants to enjoy what remains of his career and above all continue to do what he does better, to score. It’s worth believing in him, he could give you several joys.

We close with a German bomber who has now permanently taken the starting place in his team: Kevin Volland. The former Bayer Leverkusen relegated to bench Wissam Ben Yedder, and convinced the Munich coach Niko Kovac. The 1992 class can serve as a pivot, managing to “far salire” the team, and attack deeply in an excellent way, also making a decent number of goals. His profile “teases” in view of the auction, think of him seriously because he can become your extra man.

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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