Fantasy football 2021/2022, guide to the auction: the best second and third goalkeepers

Fantasy football 2021/2022: the best second and third goalkeepers

The choice of the goalkeeper is always very important: his vote can affect or even overturn the whole day. Each playmaker has his own strategy: there are those who let the others swoon to have a top goalkeeper in goal and those who prefer to focus on less popular goalkeepers, who can still give a good result. Especially if you are using the modifier on defense, it is not easy to catch the goalkeepers of Inter e Juventus, considered the best: for this reason it is important to study some level alternatives and not to be caught unprepared.

Fantasy football auction guide 2021-2022: the best goalkeepers


The qualities of the new goalkeeper ofAtalanta Juan Musso they are not discussed and the expectations of him are very high, but there is the defense factor to be evaluated: the game of Gian Piero Gasperini he is very proactive, the coach accepts the risk of taking goals on the counterattack; also, the club from Bergamo he lost one of his pivots in defense: Cristian Rosemary, moved to the Tottenham. Instead of him came Merih Demiral from Juventus, which will have to adapt to the game scheme ofAtalanta; the risk is that Musso can get excellent grades but also a few too many penalties.

Musso (Atalanta)
Musso (Atalanta)


The price of the concierge Lazio pepper Queen it should be lower, being a little below the semitops already mentioned. It must necessarily be taken in tandem with Thomas Strakosha, since it is not known if the new coach Maurizio Sarri will decide to alternate them. Queen last season he played 29 games and recorded 9 clean sheets: it’s a great alternative, especially if you want to invest more in other departments.

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Tips and Dragowski

Goalkeepers from Sassuolo e Fiorentina, respectively Andrea Advice and Bartlomiej Dragowski: they could go away with a few credits since it will be necessary to understand what kind of game the new Federico coaches will propose Dionysus and Vincenzo Italian. Both, however, know how to save penalties and have shown it in previous seasons: this is a factor that should not be underestimated.

Silvestri (Udinese)
Silvestri (Udinese)


It won’t be easy for the former extreme defender of Verona replace Juan Musso, moved toAtalanta, although the performance of recent years on the ground Scaligera were noteworthy. The former Leeds and Modena is one of the best low-cost choices for the fantasy coaches and if we consider that Udinese kept the same settings in the back department that a few years ago had allowed them to excel in Serie A for games without goals conceded, Silvestri it might even match its predecessor.

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