Fantasy football, goalkeeping grid: the best alternations of the league

Always one of the fundamental tools to excel in Fantasy Football, the goalkeeper grid of the championship of Series A it absolutely cannot be neglected at the time of the auctions. To find the best alternations of the season for the extreme defenders, in fact, it can prove to be as crucial as being able to buy one of the best bombers around. But let’s go into detail immediately and let’s analyze our grid.

Serie A 2021/2022: Grid of goalkeepers

First, it is necessary to explain what the following grid means: it shows us the number of games played by alternating home and away matches between the various goalkeepers. Thirty-eight is obviously the maximum number that can be encountered, and it indicates us that at least one of the two goalkeepers in question will always play within friendly walls. The most obvious example is that between Rome and Lazio, who playing in the stadium, are unlikely to play a match at the Olympic Stadium in the same turn. Below, therefore, we are going to present the list of goalkeepers (at least in this beginning of the season) of Serie A, e their various alternations:

  • Atalanta (Musso): Venice (Lezzerini, 32), Empoli (Vicario, 30), Naples (Meret, 30), Udinese (Silvestri, 27).
  • Bologna (Skorupski): Udinese (Silvestri, 29), Spezia (Zoet, 28), Lazio (Reina, 28).
  • Cagliari (Cragno): Sassuolo (Consiglio 32), Salernitana (Belec 30), Verona (Montipò 28).
  • Empoli (Vicar): Fiorentina (Dragowski 38), Salernitana (Belec 32), Atalanta (Musso 30), Bologna (Skorupski 24).
  • Fiorentina (Dragowski): Empoli (Vicar 38), Naples (Meret 32), Cagliari (Cragno 26), Venice (Lezzerini 24).
  • Genoa (Sirigu): Sampdoria (Audero 38), Milan (Maignan 28), Cagliari (Cragno 26).
  • Inter (Handanovic): Milan (Maignan 36), Sampdoria (Audero 30), Spezia (Zoet 30), Atalanta (Musso 26).
  • Juventus (Szczesny): Turin (Milinkovic 38), Verona (Montipò 28), Atalanta (Musso 24), Genoa (Sirigu 24), Inter (Handanovic 24), Salernitana (Belec 24), Sassuolo (Consiglio 24).
  • Lazio (Reina): Rome (Rui Patricio 38), Bologna (Skorupski 28), Cagliari (Cragno 26).
  • Milan (Maignan): Inter (Handanovic 36), Genoa (Sirigu 28), Sassuolo (Consiglio 28), Verona (Montipò 26).
  • Naples (Meret): Salernitana (Belec 38), Fiorentina (Dragowski 32), Atalanta (Musso 30), Sassuolo (Councils 26).
  • Rome (Rui Patricio): Lazio (Reina 38), Spezia (Zoet 28), Genoa (Sirigu 24), Milan (Maignan 24), Salernitana (Belec 24).
  • Salernitana (Belec): Naples (Meret 38), Empoli (Vicar 32), Cagliari (Cragno 30).
  • Sampdoria (Audero): Genoa (Sirigu 38), Inter (Handanovic 30), Councils (Sassuolo 30), Verona (Montipò 26).
  • Sassuolo (Tips): Cagliari (Cragno 32), Sampdoria (Audero 30), Milan (Maignan 28), Naples (Meret 26), Spezia (Zoet 26).
  • Spice (Zoet): Inter (Handanovic 30), Bologna (Skorupski 28), Rome (Rui Patricio 28), Sassuolo (Consiglio 26), Verona (Montipò 26).
  • Turin (Milinkovic): Juventus (Szczesny 38), Udinese (Silvestri 29), Venice (Lezzerini 26).
  • Udinese (Silvestri): Turin (Milinkovic 29), Bologna (Skorupski 29), Atalanta (Musso 27), Salernitana (Belec 27), Sassuolo (Council 27).
  • Venice (Lezzerini): Atalanta (Musso 32), Milan (Maignan 26), Turin (Milinkovic 26), Verona (Montipò 26).
  • Verona (Montipò): Cagliari (Cragno 28), Juventus (Szczesny 28), Sampdoria (Audero 26), Spezia (Zoet 26), Venice (Lezzerini 26).

Who to buy together with a goalkeeper of a big one?

The method that most of the fantasy coaches use consists in buying a goalkeeper from one of the high-ranking teams, combining the other two options available to the latter, or, limiting oneself to the second goalkeeper and look for a third alternative of another squad to deploy in the event that who we usually use will be engaged in a difficult match. So let’s analyze in detail the situation of the seven teams destined to monopolize the top of the Serie A standings.

NAPLES: The team coached by Luciano Spalletti has two goalkeepers high-level such as Ospina e Meret, for which it will be interesting to understand if there will continue to be the same turnover that we saw last season. Looking at the alternations, the best choice to join the two extreme defenders of the blues is Belec della Salernitana (38 out of 38). However, considering the great difficulties that the granata, newly promoted and with a squad that is not exactly high-level, the choice of Dragowski Fiorentina, with an alternation of 32 out of 38, but certainly more expensive.

Ospina (Naples)
Ospina (Naples)

JUVENTUS: Szczesny he is the immovable owner, but knowing the type of management that Massimiliano carries out Allegri, it will not be a surprise to see him sit on the bench for a few shifts and give space to Mattia Perin, returned to Juventus after the loan to Genoa. In this case, it is Milinkovic-Savic del Torino the potentially cheaper choice (38 out of 38), followed by Montipò Hellas Verona (28 out of 38).

ATALANTA: Musso represents the new first choice for Gian Piero Gasperini, following the farewell of Gollini for Tottenham. Sportiello it will be his reserve, while as regards the third slot, the alternations tell us that the ideal purchase would be one of Lezzerini del Venezia (32 out of 38) e Vicar Empoli (30 out of 38), but as for Salernitana previously, In our opinion, betting on a newly promoted one is not the ideal choice. Consequently, although it would cause greater expense, Silvestri Udinese (27 out of 38) is the best option.

INTER: As regards Handanovic e Radu, the best alternation is represented Maignan, but it goes without saying that having both goalkeepers of the Milan in pink is not something viable. Which is why, if you want to take precautions for direct clashes and not opt ​​for Cordaz (third goalkeeper nerazzurri), the best alternative is Audero of Sampdoria.

Maignan (Milan)
Maignan (Milan)

LAZIO: The potentially most effective choice to complement a Queen e Strakosha is represented by Skorupski del Bologna (26 out of 38), or from Cragno of Cagliari, with an alternation of 26 matches out of 38. Also in this case, although it is the highest alternation, try to buy the Roma goalkeeper, Rui Patrick, would involve excessive spending.

MILAN: With a Maignan on the shields, ready not to make Donnarumma regret, e Tatarusanu second, the best third alternative might be Sirigu, who with Genoa, despite the goals conceded, often manages to get very high marks. The alternation is 28 out of 38, as well as for Advice of Sassuolo.

ROMA: for the yellow and red, between the poles there will be the new purchase Rui Patrick, strongly desired by José Mourinho. For the third goalkeeper, Queen is therefore too expensive a choice, as for Milan, a goalkeeper lowcost and functional it is Sirigu (24 out of 38), rather than Sweet (28 out of 38) not too reliable with one Spezia unconvincing on which it is not advisable to bet.

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