Fiorentina, Barone: “We will build a competitive team”

FIORENTINA BARONE – The day after the press conference held by Pradè today, Fiorentina’s director, Joe Barone, spoke to the microphones during the presentation of Rolando Mandragora. Fiorentina is active on several fronts, both for the incoming market but also for the bureaucratic issues concerning the construction of the new stadium.

Here are the statements of the Viola’s DS: “Our goal is to build a competitive team, since our arrival Rocco has been investing in Fiorentina. We are convinced that we can have an important championship and be competitive in Europe. For me it is the first market with a view on Europe that has perhaps opened the window for us to another type of player. Dodo? Today there is a meeting and we are working, each negotiation has its own times but we have worked before the others. The left back? Let’s not forget Terzic, who played for the Serbian national team a few weeks ago. We start the retreat and then if there is something to fix we will see with the coach. A hit? There is not much liquidity, but we are always careful and opportunities can arise in the Italian market in August. But we are very happy with the players we have today ”.

Barone: “Just talk about Torreira, Mandragora will be a leader.

“I want to thank Torreira for the season he has done for Fiorentina. I also say this from Commisso. Then Pradè yesterday clarified the whole speech on Torreira. Our responsibility, including mine and Commisso’s, we made a technical choice. The coach is also in this, we took another path. The speech ends here. I saw what Lucas did this morning, I’m sorry. I think the city and the fans don’t deserve such a reaction. But this is a closed story. Now we have Rolando Mandragora, an extraordinary player who has made a comeback after a long time here in Florence and we can’t wait to see him on the pitch to demonstrate all his enormous value ”.


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