Fiorentina, Commisso: “Vlahovic betrayed us”

FIORENTINA COMMISSO – Fiorentina are back to work too, in view of the next match scheduled for Sunday, against Atalanta.

Fiorentina, Commisso: “Vlahovic betrayed us”

The president of Fiorentina, Rocco Commisso, gave a very long interview to SportItalia where he talked about many topics. The Viola president has repeatedly stated what bothered him about the Vlahovic question. Below, the words of the patron of the Tuscans:

On Italian:

We have three points less than last year, I told the coach and the boys. But there has been a lot of criticism and I can’t accept it, I’m here tonight to defend Italian and the boys from excessive judgments. I thank the fans who support us. My job is to encourage and embrace the coach and the players. I see the coach working a lot, I see him every now and then and I hug him like all the other players. This is my job. I take it one day at a time: in my first year we did very well even if they criticized us a lot, the second one did not but I take the blame because I sent Iachini away. If he continued at least 15 games then he would see it. The third year we scored 22 points more than the previous one, none like us in Italy. Now I want to see the team continue to do well: I have confidence in the new signings and in the whole team. We have had many injuries ”.

About Kouamè:

On Kouamé everything changed, I said ‘Joe, we have to keep him’ and so it was. Kouamé didn’t play much in Moena but then we all chose together ”.

On Vlahovic:

The money taken from the sales has already been invested, both by Chiesa and by Vlahovic we still have some money and so in the meantime I have financed the purchases. Renewal? I was dealing with him and his agent, I came to Florence despite being sick. They raised the demand from 5 to 8 with other ancillary costs. The sale of Vlahovic was more difficult, both Barone and I trusted him, in Moena he told us he would stay. Would I take it back? No, perhaps with a Lukaku formula… ”.

On the criticisms:

Some don’t like how I act, from journalists to politicians. They called me a southerner and a mafioso, no one in Florence moved to defend the president of Fiorentina. If I lose 500 million it doesn’t happen to me, but if I get angry … There are many fans who would like to send me away, so for seven days Fiorentina is on sale for a Florentine doc. In any case, I believe that the majority of the fans are with us and I thank them ”.


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