Fiorentina, TMW: “Various names have been probed for the defense”

FIORENTINA DEFESA – Fiorentina continues its preparation in Moena, the Italian men have done forced labor, to recover time in the legs.

Fiorentina, TMW: “Various names have been probed for the defense”

Fiorentina is very active on the market, after the purchases of Gollini and Mandragora, the Tuscans continue assiduously on the incoming market. While, the sale of Milenkovic, which interests Juventus and Inter, is expected, Fiorentina is interested in various names for the defense. The number one name is Peer Schuurs of Ajax, the 99 ′ class, he is followed a lot by Pradè. His pivotal foot is his right and inevitably, given his 1,91m height, his main quality lies in his physical positioning and marking. Besides, which, of course, in the aerial game on which he often stands out and dominates over his opponent. Followed in Italy also by Bologna, in the case of Theate leaving and by Turin, if the Denayer deal is not concluded. The second name is that of Faes del Rennes, class 98 ′, whose valuation is very high, close to 15 million euros. He is a brave and gritty charismatic defender who does not fear physical confrontation and is difficult to overcome in one-on-one, indeed it is not uncommon to see him dribble out of complicated situations even under the tight pressure of the opponents. In the next few hours we will have updates related to these negotiations. Even if the stay of Milenkovic, irritated by Juventus and Inter’s wasted time, cannot be ruled out.


Fortunato Condinno

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