Fiorentina, Venuti speaks: “I’m happy to have stayed”

FIORENTINA VENUTI – Fiorentina continues its athletic training in Moena, meanwhile Pradé and Joe Barone are very active on the market. In the next few hours, Dodô should land in Florence, who, after having passed the medical examinations and unlocked the sporting fitness, will join the Italian group.

Fiorentina, Venuti speaks: “I’m happy to have stayed”

Since the retirement of the Tuscans, Lorenzo Venuti has intervened on the microphones of the official Viola channels. The player has expressed all his desire to return to the top physically. Furthermore, he was happy with his stay in Tuscany and talked about the team goals to be achieved. Here are the words of the purple full-back:

On own and team fitness:

I am recovering from a blow I took in Florence in the first days of training. I prefer to feel more comfortable about workloads these days to recover better. As for the climate, there is a lot of enthusiasm and you can see how many fans there are, I don’t remember so many. The credit is ours, for what we did last year; it’s all a consequence of the coach’s work ”.

What does it mean to play in Europe with the Viola shirt:

Being able to play the qualification in Europe is an immense joy for a Florentine like me. Having achieved it is a source of pride and pride. In Europe it will be a first time for many but we are focused. The president is not here but he always encourages us even from a distance “.

Have you ever thought about leaving Fiorentina after the threats?

Perhaps I have also given too much importance to those people who were a minority compared to the love of the square for me. For a “fool” there are many people who have only wished me good. I never thought about leaving, Florence is everything for me. I have always taken it as a personal challenge that everyone says it is impossible to be “prophets at home”.

On the arrival of Dodô:

In an important team we must all be on the alert. I’m happy for whoever will arrive. Every year I was always put in competition. However, I am proud of what I have done because I have always carved out my space. If Dodò arrives (or whoever for him) it will be a stimulus for me ”.


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