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Serie A tickets are always in great demand and matches sell out quickly. A Priority Points scheme is used to release tickets in phases to fans who already hold a certain number of points, based on their attendance at previous matches.

Tickets are rarely available on general sale, although occasionally hospitality options might be an option for supporters who don’t qualify to buy under the Priority Points scheme.

Fiorentina Point

The Fiorentina Point in Via dei Sette Santi 28r at the corner of Via Duprè is available to fans with all the information on the world of Fiorentina, and to purchase season tickets and tickets by phone or email. This service allows fans to buy their season ticket or ticket from home directly over the phone, or via the remote purchase form, receiving it via email, ready to print and take to the stadium.

The Fiorentina Point is also the reference point to become part of InViola, the membership project of ACF Fiorentina which, through its InViola Card, allows you to win prizes and unique experiences in contact with the players. In addition to booking and collecting prizes, the Fiorentina Point staff is available for all initiatives connected to the project, such as contests, events and promotions dedicated to the InViola community.

Available on the following contacts:

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Phone: +39 055 571259


WhatsApp: +39 055 571259

Fax: +39 055 5359502

Via dei Sette Santi 28r, Firenze

Hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 – 18:00


The “ INVIOLA PREMIUM CARD ” Fidelity Card is necessary to subscribe to the Franchi Stadium in Florence and will allow you to take advantage of discounts / promotions.


  • your personal and residence data
  • a digitized photo of your face, in either jpg or png format , with a minimum size of 600×600 pixels and no more than 4MB .

ATTENTION: it must be the same type of “formal” photo that is used for identity documents so we suggest a neutral background (eg white) and remember that accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, hats must not be worn. Do not smile or make faces: it is an official photo that serves to recognize the fan

ATTENTION: if your personal data provided are not true and / or your photograph does not comply with the required requirements, the Card will not be produced and you will be contacted to provide the correct data.

The card will be sent home within 25 days of the request, the INVIOLA PREMIUM CARD can only be used if physically in the possession of the holder.

The card can also be collected at the Fiorentina Point (via dei Sette Santi 28r corner Via Duprè), opening hours and days available on . To be able to collect the card, it is mandatory to show up with a print of the email bearing the identification code.


The expiry date of the Fidelity Card “ INVIOLA PREMIUM CARD ” is printed on the card. The cards are valid for 3 years. The cost is 10 euros, plus any shipping costs.

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