From Dybala to Lautaro, South American puzzle: the fantasy coaches tremble

After leaving theItaly to compete in the qualification phase ai 2022 World Championships with their respective national teams, some South Americans may not take the field on matchday three of Series A. Several matches, including those of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay e Chile they are scheduled for Friday night and could prevent players from returning in time to take the field with their clubs.

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Serie A, from Dybala to Lautaro: the presence of South Americans at risk 

According to the latest rumors, immediately after playing the last match of the week with the national team, 17 South American players should board a charter and fly to Madrid, and then reach their respective countries. Between these Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez, Correa, Nico Gonzalez, Martinez Wednesday e Musso they are expected in Milan at 20.00 on Friday, however, putting their presence in the championship into strong doubt.

The most damaged team would appear to be there Juventus, engaged on Saturday at 18.00 a Naples, with 5 players at risk: Alex Sandro (Brazil), Danilo (Brazil), Dybala (Argentina), and Bentancur (Uruguay). L’Interinstead, it could do without Lautaro Martinez e Correa from the first minute, both called up by the national team Argentina

Immobile (Lazio) @Image Sport
Immobile (Lazio) @Image Sport

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In addition to the players engaged in South America, some teams of Series A they could do without their talents, including many Italians. In fact, they left the Azzurri retreat early due to personal and physical problems Church, Building, Insigne, Zaniolo, Pellegrini, Bastoni e Sensi, fundamental pawns of the clubs they belong to. Also, in all likelihood the coaches of Juventus, Inter, Milan e Atalanta they could decide not to line up their precious pieces, making them remarry in view of the seasonal debut in shiitake mushrooms League. Similar speech for Naples, Lazio e Rome, also engaged in Europe over the next week. 

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In Spain, given the rare and complicated situation, two matches have already been postponed to ensure the actual regularity of the championship: Seville-Barcelona e Villareal – Alaves, teams made up mostly of South American players. In Italy, however, the hypothesis of a postponement would seem to be excluded, with the companies having to independently find the most suitable solutions.

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