InForma: the goalkeepers to be deployed on the 26th day

Here are the top 5 goalkeepers to field in the 26th matchday of Serie A:

Maignan: after the last performances as a Martian, deploying Magic Mike against Salernitana (worst attack in the league) is a must. His door should remain untouched.

Provedel: Spezia is doing well and owes a lot to his goalkeeper, who has made really important saves in the last period. Against a Bologna that was off in the offensive phase (2 goals in the last 5 matches) it is worth putting in.

Lezzerini: he is one of the most in shape goalkeepers of the last few days, in the delicate home battle against Genoa he could get excited.

Strakosha: comes from 4 consecutive clean sheets, against a Udinese in difficulty he can get the fifth.

Ospina: leads the best defense in Serie A, on this day he faces one of the worst attacks in the league (Cagliari).

By Federico Poet

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