InForma: the goalkeepers to field and avoid on matchday 27

The goalkeepers to be deployed

Milinkovic-Savic: Torino have one of the best defenses in the league and concede very little at home. Against a Cagliari that does not score much must be placed.

Skorupski: particularly in form this season, against the rear of Salernitana must be deployed without a doubt.

Montipo ‘: Verona does not have an excellent defense, but he often gets good grades thanks to his splendid saves. Against Venezia he shouldn’t suffer more than one goal.

Maignan: after the bad performance against Sampdoria, Magick Mike is immediately ready to get up again. At home against Udinese he is to be deployed.

Handanovic: difficult season for the Nerazzurri number one. In recent games he has made several mistakes, but against Genoa he can redeem himself and above all he should not receive malus.

Goalkeepers to avoid

Vicar: Empoli are the second worst defense of the league, against Juventus they could suffer several goals.

Falcone: it is one of the revelations of this last period, but in Bergamo against Atalanta it is to be avoided.

Sepe: the worst defense in the league faces Bologna with a newfound Arnautovic: better not to risk it.

Sirigu: his Genoa in the last few games has conceded few goals, but in this round he faces Inter who must regain victory at all costs.

Silvestri: at San Siro against Milan it will be a very difficult match for his team: do not field him.

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