Inside Obiang and Henry, out Lopez: the Sassuolo-Verona officials

SASSUOLO VERONA – After Sampdoria’s victory against Cremonese, Sassuolo-Verona concludes the eleventh day of Serie A.

Inside Obiang and Henry, out Lopez: the Sassuolo-Verona officials

To conclude this umpteenth day of Serie A, there is room for Dionisi’s neroverdi who want to return to home victory. On the other hand, there are Bocchetti’s Scaligeri, who must score points after their good performance against Milan.

The official formations:

Let’s start with the hosts, in the Council door covered centrally by Erlic and Ayhan, on the left there is Kyriakopoulos, on the right space in Toljan. In the median space in Obiang with Thorstverdt, Maxime Lopez out, Frattesi is more advanced. On the left wing there is Laurentiè, on the right inside D’Andrea, in support of Pinamonti. In Verona there is space in Montipò between the posts, in defense block 3 formed by Gunter, Ceccherini and on the center-right space in Hien. On the right wing returns Faraoni, on the left is Depaoli, in the median space in Tameze with Veloso. On the trocar inside Verdi in support of the attack tandem formed by Henry and Piccoli. Below, the Mapei officers:


Advice; Toljan, Erlic, Ayhan, Kyriakopoulos; Frattesi, Obiang, Thorstvedt; D’Andrea, Pinamonti, Laurientè. All.Dionisi


Montipò; Ceccherini, Hien, Gunter; Pharaohs, Tameze, Miguel Veloso, Depaoli; Greens; Little ones, Henry. All.Bocchetti


Fortunato Condinno

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