Inside Success and Mandragora, out Barak: the officers at 15:00

SUCCESS MANDRAGORA – After Atalanta’s victory in the 12:30 match, space for the two matches at 15:00, which will see Spezia-Fiorentina and Cremonese-Udinese as protagonists.

Inside Success and Mandragora, out Barak: the officers at 15:00

Two matches on Sunday afternoon in Serie A, after Atalanta’s victory early at 12:30. In the match of the Peak, they meet Gotti’s Spezia who hasn’t won for 1 month, against Italian’s Fiorentina who have only collected 2 victories in Serie A. In the Giovanni Zini match, Cremonese will look for the 3 points that are still missing since the Lombards rose to the top flight.


In the Alberto Picco match, Gotti lined up Dragowski between the posts, defended by the block formed by: Ampadu, Kiwior and Nikolau, now defended at 3 for the Spezzini. On the two bands, space for Holm and Reca, Ekdal, Bourabia and Agudelo will act in the median, in support of the attack tandem formed by: Nzola and Gyasi. In the Tuscans, Terracciano returns between the poles, in defense of space to: Biraghi and Dodo on the bands, Milenkovic returns to the center with Martinez Quarta. In the middle there will be Bonaventura with Amrabat and Mandragora, out Barak. In attack there is Kouamè with Jovic and Ikonè. Here are the officers of Spezia-Fiorentina:


Dragowski; Ampadu, Kiwior, Nikolaou; Holm, Ekdal, Bourabia, Agudelo, Reca; Gyasi, Nzola. All.Gotti


Terracciano, Dodò, Milenkovic, Martinez Quarta, Biraghi; Bonaventura Amrabat Mandragora, Ikonè, Jovic, Kouamè. All Italian


In the Zini challenge, the hosts line up between the posts: Carnesecchi, Radu goes out, accompanied by the defensive block consisting of: Bianchetti and Locoshvili in the center, on the right is Valeri and on the left Sernicola returns. In the median there is Meitè space with Ascacibar and Pickel, on the trocar there is Aiwu in support of: Dessers and Okereke. In the Friulians, Silvestri is among the goalposts, with Ebosse, Perez and Bijol in defense. On the two bands there are Pereyra with Udogie, in the median space for Walace, Arslan and Lovric to complete the midfield. In attack the duo is formed by: Succes and Gerard Deulofeu, out Beto. Below, the Cremonese-Udinese officials:


Carnesecchi; Valeri, Locoshvili, Bianchetti, Sernicola; Pickel, Meitè, Ascacibar; Aiwu; Okereke, Dessers. All.Alvini


Silvestri; Ebosse, Perez, Bijol; Udogie, Walace, Arslan, Lovric, Pereyra; Success, Deulofeu. All.Sottil


Fortunato Condinno

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