Inter, CdS: “Acerbi, the track cools down Inzaghi in difficulty”

INTER, CDS- As reported by the CdS Acerbi, it is an open market track, but one that has really cooled down in the last few hours.

Inter, CdS: “Acerbi, the track cools down Inzaghi in difficulty”

And at this moment it is also a definitive stop. However, as there are still 3 days to go until the end of the market, it cannot be excluded that the situation, at the last moment, can be unblocked. Either way, the decision is Steven Zhang’s. It is up to him, in fact, to give the last one the go-ahead. And until Sunday it seemed it was just a matter of waiting. Yesterday, however, the situation completely changed. The Nerazzurri president, in fact, at least at this moment, says no to the arrival of the Lazio defender. The reason? Mainly that of not wanting to raise the wage bill, which already had to be cut by 10-15%. The Acerbi loan, in fact, would cost nothing, but Inter would take on his entire salary, with the exception of the monthly payments of July to August, which is 2,1 million net. And in addition there is also the fact that some redundancies (Agoumè and Salcedo) have not yet been settled. Without forgetting, then, that the market had set the goal of obtaining an asset of at least 60 million. The Nerazzurri club reached 35 (plus 5 counting Casadei’s bonuses), with the time horizon now set to 30 June 2023 ″.

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