Inter, CdS: “Lautaro has grown up has become great”

INTER, CDS- As reported by the CdS, the Inter team in this year has great certainties that few can have today.

Inter, CdS: “Lautaro has grown up has become great”

“Maturity . Lautaro has started his fifth season at Inter, has a contract that allows him to earn 6,2 million net plus bonuses and is considered a point of reference by the club and the fans. The return of Lukaku, a presence that would cast a shadow on anyone, did not obscure his star and, both in Lugano and Ferrara, the applause for Toro was wasted. The goals scored (74 from 2018 to today) alone do not explain the strong relationship that has been created.

Martinez is very close to Inter and Milan. And the Nerazzurri people feel this feeling. The tears on the last day of the championship, after the useless 3-0 victory against Sampdoria, put him even more in the hearts of the people who also appreciated his desire not to leave the viale della Liberazione club, his … to leave the market to win again with the Nerazzurri shirt on. In the city he feels at home and together with his partner Agustina has invested in a restaurant in the Brera area. Alla Pinetina is a King even if he now has to share the throne again with Lukaku. Envy? None. Indeed, he is happy that his friend has returned to his side. He has just returned from the best season in terms of his Inter experience (25 centers of which 21 in the league) and is convinced he can take a further step forward.

Christian Marangio


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