Inter, Gazzetta: “Defense under discussion in times of great crisis”

INTER, GAZZETTA- The Inter team for the Gazzetta is really experiencing a moment of great difficulty, especially in defense, always a great unknown.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Defense under discussion in times of great crisis”

“Everyone in question The reasons can be many: someone can also call into question the work of Appiano, someone else the market situations, still others the physical aspect. The photograph is alarming, the consequence is clear: none of the big names have a guaranteed place. He will not have it in the medium term, but not even in the short term, thinking about Rome: Acerbi is a jersey, on the other two everything must be understood. Take Skriniar. That at Inter he drifts the questions on the renewal and in the national team he gets away from the questions about the Nerazzurri moment. What he fails to do is return to the player who pushed PSG to millionaire offers. The summer injury cannot explain everything. In Udine he lived a surreal Sunday, with the compass looking for the position: first on the right, then in the center, closing on the left. It is not the first time that the Slovak is questioned: even with Conte he lived a few days on the bench. But in terms of performance, this is his most complicated moment ”.

Christian Marangio


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