Inter, Gazzetta: “Inter analysis, between injuries and misunderstandings”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the Inter team really has to find the right place to shake up the season itself.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Inter analysis, between injuries and misunderstandings”

“Absences Then there is also the pitch, that is the development of that game that had conquered everyone last year. It was a round, offensive Inter that combined fun with results. Summer has taken Perisic away and the absence weighs well beyond the difficulties of Gosens. Perisic played the role as a game builder, as an inventor: he was a playmaker who moved on the lane. His contribution was so large that it could not simply be cataloged in the goal or assists box. Anyone who plays in his place cannot guarantee the performance of the same functions. Gosens is a raider, even good when he is well, but he does not have the same quality and the same creative ease. Inzaghi also had to include Lukaku in the new project. The team in which Romelu imposed his overwhelming physical power in 2020-21 enjoyed the quality of Hakimi and Perisic and got used to staying low and starting again leaning on the Belgian center forward. Last year, with a different striker like Dzeko and a new context, Simone had changed some principles by building a fun and profitable game, making Lautaro grow and making the most of the mezzals. Now, to put Lukaku at ease, you have to mediate between the two versions but you need time, patience and work. However, the Belgian’s injury interrupted the trial. In practice, Inter lost Perisic without entering Lukaku yet. It is not an alibi, Inzaghi does not look for one, but it is the objective finding of a difficulty. And Skriniar has yet to probably reset his summer from “expendable”.

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