Inter, Gazzetta: “Inzaghi was saved thanks to his team”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the Inter team really makes things clear in a really important way.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Inzaghi was saved thanks to his team”

“The night of October 1st, when Inter-Roma 2-8 fades, Simone Inzaghi’s situation is this: 4 points less than the leaders Spalletti; 8 defeats in 11 days; 6 goals conceded by the defense who had lined up 30 clean sheets in the previous championship; fourth defeat suffered in comeback. In Udine the lowest point. After Barella’s advantage, Inter disappeared: neither game nor soul, torn apart by a furious Udinese. Inzaghi admits: «I’m responsible. Little determined, too many errors ». He’s right, Inter repeats their faults with impunity: distracted passes that send the opponent into a goal (Milan, Rome), defense planted on set pieces (Udinese, Rome), sudden blackouts (Lazio, Milan, Udinese). It is as if the communication channel between the coach and the team has been blocked. In Udine, a furious Bastoni, replaced in the 6th minute by Mkhitaryan, almost took off the bench. Simone took them off because they were warned, without trusting their ability to self-control. Already in the summer Calhanoglu had attributed the defeat in the Scudetto derby to the wrong substitutions of the coach. At the height of the crisis, Inzaghi said in the square: “Where I go, you win and the club earns”. An ostentation that the Nerazzurri managers do not like and that sounds like this to the players’ ears: “I’m good, your fault.” Three days before Inter-Barcelona, ​​Inzaghi seems dangerously detached from the Inter world (team, management, fans) and the odds are made on his future. Also because a Barça is on the way and has won 7 out of 9 games in the La Liga, conceding just one goal, with Lewandowski having already scored XNUMX; while Inter are missing Lukaku and Brozovic, Lautaro no longer scores and Barella is lost. Then what happens ”?

Christian Marangio


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