Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku still Nerazzurri”

INTER, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the Inter team makes things clear with the London team for the striker.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku still Nerazzurri”

“Inter The loan for this season ended on the basis of € 8 million plus 3 bonuses. An onerous loan, officially only for 2022-23. This is where we will start again. Inter have that unwritten agreement on their side for another year in Milan, but they can work on something more important knowing that Chelsea for now have no strong motivation to take back Lukaku: things from now to the end of the season could also change.

“But at Stamford Bridge the Belgian looks like a closed chapter. Another season with an onerous loan, guaranteeing at least another 10 million euros and continuing to pay the player’s salary, is the basis from which to start discussions again. With the aim of including at least one redemption right in favor of the Nerazzurri in the summer of 2024 and aiming for a definitive return of the Belgian to Milan. Because Inter are crazy about Lukaku and are waiting with open arms for his return to the pitch from the injury that has kept him stopped since August 28 and has so far limited his use to three appearances and one goal. For the Nerazzurri, however. Lukaku is the present and possibly the future as well. At Chelsea, on the other hand, it is a past that at the moment no one wants to revive ”.

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