Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku still stopped, but the World Cup is there”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As reported by the Gazzetta, the Inter team really puts the turbo, but not everyone follows the sprint to date in an important way.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku still stopped, but the World Cup is there”

“Agenda Lukaku skips Bayern, Juve and logic wants him to have finished his 2022 with Inter here. Because between this weekend and the beginning of the next he will carry out new physical exams to see if the scar has “settled” in the meantime. «Romelu had a little problem with his scar in Saturday’s match when he entered. He will have to rest for a few days and then he will be re-evaluated at the weekend. It is a slowdown that we did not want, he was giving us a lot in this period, we hope to be able to use it again before the break », Simone Inzaghi said of him. But it is unthinkable that the Belgian will be there against Bologna next Wednesday ”.

“And, with the World Cup at the gates, nothing leads us to believe that the player and Inter will force the time to put him on the pitch in Bergamo against Atalanta on November 13th. Common sense is needed, which has never been lacking between Inter and Belgium. What’s more: it is probable that next week, immediately after having carried out the new exams with Inter, Romelu will be able to reach the Belgian retreat in advance, where he had already been treated in September, effectively anticipating the his arrival in the national team. The World Cup, to date, should not be considered at risk. Then it is clear that it will be necessary to be very careful when managing the attacker ”.

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