Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku takes back his team”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the Inter team must really return to the turbo for the final, before the World Cup.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku takes back his team”

“The moves How Lukaku will answer, is the question that Simone Inzaghi asks himself. The coach wants to go step by step, after discussing the issue with his staff and also with the Nerazzurri doctors. Just turn around to understand. Eleven minutes (including recovery) played with Viktoria Plzen were more than enough to return to scoring, to exalt and exalt oneself, but not to delude oneself. Slowly forward. With Sampdoria the minutes have almost tripled: 28. But this is where Lukaku gave the feeling of being a little behind. To need to manage his time and his physique in the game. He is Romelu but he is not yet Lukaku, one might say. In the sense that he remains an important presence also in terms of the dressing room, sitting there on the bench or in any case inside the squad. But he is not yet the player who breaks the games. Imagining him as a starter tomorrow against Bayern is in all likelihood too much. Inzaghi will decide today, but the indications go in another direction. Which are those of a minute that necessarily will have to increase. Possible that Lukaku once played in Munich, maybe something less. So let him enter at the beginning of the recovery. But beyond the look at the clock, it will be an important test especially in athletic terms, in a match that will have European rhythms, often far from the Italian ones, certainly higher than those seen with Viktoria Plzen and two days ago against Sampdoria “.

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