Inter, Gazzetta: “Now Zhang can breathe with the loan”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports, Inter is now back to being a club with finances in a “normal” state but not too much.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Now Zhang can breathe with the loan”

“The confirmation is in a passage of the press release with which Inter announced the approval of the financial statements by the Board of Directors:” The majority shareholder has already expressed his formal commitment to support the group by guaranteeing its financial support “. In practice, Zhang will pump about 100 million euros into Inter’s coffers, part of the 275 million loan obtained in May a year ago by the US Oaktree fund. The payment will be made through a shareholders’ loan which will turn into capital: everything will take place within the month of December. The exact amount, which could even exceed 100, will be made official by the president during the next shareholders’ meeting, scheduled for October 28th. It is possible that the 100 million will be divided into several tranches, but in any case the operation will be completed by 2022. It was not a foregone conclusion. Obligatory, yes, because Inter continues to be an unbalanced club in the cost / income account, which burns about 10 million euros a month. As if to say: an intervention is necessary. And if it does not come from the market, through sales, it must necessarily come from the majority shareholder. Shareholder who, as it is now known, has been looking for a long time for a partner to take the place of LionRock and support Suning in the management of the club. Impossible feat? Time will tell ”.

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