Inter, Gazzetta: “Risk of exemption for Inzaghi, Zhang no longer trusts”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta writes, the Inter bench is wobbling and not a little in that of Milan there are so many opportunities to relaunch.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Risk of exemption for Inzaghi, Zhang no longer trusts”

“And the years ago When six years ago he landed from another planet in Milan and started studying (without direct assignments) the ecosystem around him, Steven had nevertheless witnessed an even more confusing season than now. In that 2016-17 Frank De Boer, the coach of Thohir’s choice, was blown up after only 14 games. Then, after Vecchi’s mini-ferrying, the nightmare of the Nerazzurri Pioli: in the end, with the return of Vecchi himself, the team finished seventh and first in soul. Steven as president, on the other hand, closely governed the torments of Spalletti-bis: Luciano’s second season with the band torn from Icardi’s arm and rolled up to Handa’s. Difficult times, but not like these, also because then with the arrival of the CEO Beppe Marotta would have paved the way for the Contian Risorgimento bienno. The fear, however, is that now we are going back to the pre-Conte era, with the addition of greater corporate uncertainty at the top. The risk of losing the Champions League qualification has become real and Zhang wants to avoid it, whatever the cost “.

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