Inter, Gazzetta: “The Nerazzurri are there for the Scudetto”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the Inter team really shocks the championship with a great victory.

Inter, Gazzetta: “The Nerazzurri are there for the Scudetto”

“Tension skyrocketing. On the pitch but also in the stands. With trains to the locker room door. In the convulsive final, everything happened, with accusations and denials on an alleged “clash” in the post game. With obviously different versions. These are the facts: Inter made it known that its managers were verbally attacked in the stands of the Franchi at the end of the match by the purple management and that it would not even end there. According to the Nerazzurri version, in fact, some Viola executives would have thrown themselves with force against the door of the Inter locker rooms, hitting it with fists. This version, however, is flatly denied by Fiorentina. According to the purple club, in fact, the dg Barone would have only opened a door that leads from the authority stand to the lower part of the stadium where, in addition to the Inter dressing room, there is also that of Fiorentina. The door was therefore closed and Barone would only open it to join his team and congratulate them. Over here? We will see in the next few days, but the controversial queue promises possible new twists ”.

Christian Marangio


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