Inter, Gazzetta: “Zhang wants to be great again”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the owner of Inter must really put the turbo to make a great comeback.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Zhang wants to be great again”

“And you don’t need prizes

How much Zhang has become an operational president over the years, very close to the team, is well known by now: once he snatched the second pass in a row for the Champions League round of XNUMX last Wednesday, he himself took the floor after giving a qualifying prize. of two million to his own. The same spirit is the one with which Inzaghi is motivating his comeback and yesterday he repeated it with bellicose tones: «In football every season is different from the previous one: everything is open, we believe we can gnaw ground and compete for the title. History can repeat itself … “,

he said . Often the president’s eye fell to his right, where the three cups won in the last two seasons gleamed: the trophies were not exhibits, museum memorabilia, but warnings about the objectives to be achieved. At the moment, however, to push the company towards a comeback in the league, Zhang has not yet decided on a further prize for the scudetto of the possible new star: “The boys know what is expected of them to be up to par in national competitions. and international. And even without the incentive of prizes, they know they have to fight for the top. New ideas are needed to continue towards the future, we will win, on and off the pitch “, the presidential message”.

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