Inter, Inzaghi: “It doesn’t depend on us, but we are happy with the season. For Perisic there will be a meeting with the club “

INTER INZAGHI – Simone Inzaghi, Inter coach, spoke at the press conference on the eve of the match against Sampdoria, valid for the last day of Serie A. Milan.

Inter, Inzaghi: “It doesn’t depend on us, but we are happy with the season. For Perisic there will be a meeting with the club “

What episode and moment would you choose this season?

“I would choose an episode in color and not in black and white as many thought. We won two trophies, found the round of XNUMX of the Champions League and we are here to play for the Scudetto on the last day “

What eve is this?

“The team had a week like any other to prepare for the match, we have ninety minutes to play knowing that it does not depend on us, but we will give 120 percent and then we will see what happens”

What has he brought of his experience to his players?

“We only look at Sampdoria, they played a great match against Fiorentina, a free-to-play team and we know that our destiny does not depend only on us, but passes through Sampdoria. We will face this race in a serious way, as always “

Do you hope that Handanovic and Perisic can stay?

“Samir did very well, a fundamental player. Ivan has had an extraordinary season, next week with the club we will have a meeting for the objectives and the growth of the team. There is a great, open relationship and we will take stock of everything “

What grade would you give the season?

“The votes you give them, I can say that the objectives have been achieved, even in a difficult year. We did well to win two cups and play the title at the end. The championship can always reserve something, it doesn’t all depend on us, I only think of Sampdoria “

An important season, how are you experiencing it?

“With great serenity, with the kids and in the family. The team has had a great year and I am very happy. It would be extraordinary to win the Scudetto as well, but we gave everything and we know we have given satisfaction to our audience “

Nicola said that in case of salvation he will go to the Vatican, have you planned a ‘vote’?

“I haven’t thought of one yet”

Last year Inter had won but lost two of the best players …

“The coaches are always under skepticism, we knew how things were and the demands of the club. Along the way, we then realized that we were going beyond expectations. The team is charged and focused “

Tomorrow if Inter do not win the Scudetto, someone will criticize and draw parallels with Conte: how much does this comparison bother you?

“I have an excellent relationship with Antonio, there is mutual respect. Comparisons are normal, but I’ve never given any weight. The company has always been with me from day one. In any case, it will have been a satisfactory year for our work “

Have any of your colleagues surprised you this year?

“Many have done very well, at this moment I am thinking of Nicola because from a difficult situation and a considerable delay, now everything is still open for them”

It’s always difficult to talk about singles, but I ask you if Skriniar is one of your protagonists: will he be captain one day?

“He has confirmed himself and he always wants to improve, but I am satisfied with the whole squad. I would applaud everyone, even those who have played less but have always been available “

What kind of match do you think Sassuolo and Sampdoria will play?

“Inter and Milan need to worry about them more than about the competing team. In this moment they can improve, they will give everything in those ninety minutes “

He had said that if he could replay a match, he would have chosen the first leg against Liverpool and not Bologna: why? 

“The way it was on the pitch, I regretted the first leg against Liverpool because that 2-0 was not deserved. History is not made, I am happy anyway despite Bologna “

Can Joaquin Correa be a starter tomorrow? 

“Tucu has great qualities, he’s a serious player. We’ll see today in training and then I’ll make the best choices to face Sampdoria “

Did Perisic confirm or did he go beyond his idea that he had as an opponent?

“I think he went further, until you train a player you can’t realize. Perisic, as an opponent, has always been a special observed. He has had an extraordinary season, I think he has outdone himself. There will be a meeting with the company, I hope there is a white smoke. He is an important player for the Inter to come “

Marco Chiavazzo

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