Juventus, Allegri: “Non-qualification is not a failure, on returns ..”

JUVENTUS ALLEGRI – Juventus returned to Continassa to prepare for Saturday’s match, scheduled for 18:00 pm, against Lecce.

Juventus, Allegri: “Non-qualification is not a failure, on returns ..”

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri commented on the failure to qualify for the second round of the Champions League and subsequent seasonal returns. Here are the words of the coach Toscano to the microphones of Mediaset:

On Bankruptcy:

Bankruptcy no. There are also these evenings, there are also defeats. It must be the opportunity to dive back into the league. We are sorry and angry but the elimination is not today but in the previous races. There must be a path of growth, when there are difficulties we stretch: it is not a physical question, unfortunately we conceded a goal from a 2-1 penalty, then you saw the match. We must continue to work. Those who entered gave us energy and technique, we knew Miretti, Iling has been with us for two months, he has energy soon. Soulé had a chance. There is no need to break down, these things we would not want to happen but they do. We have to react, we have a championship to play: there is a Europa League to conquer, it will not be easy, there are players to recover. From tomorrow you just need to get back to work. Bankruptcy are other things. In football there are other things: you fall to get up, tomorrow we will have to work to think about the championship ”.

On elimination:

We have to put aside the elimination that hurts us, we are disappointed. But now we have to think about the league and Lecce. Until the game with Inter, we will hardly get any players back. We need to turn elimination into anger. Tonight we had to stay inside the game, even if the elimination matured in previous games. I was sorry because Soulè could score goals in the end ”.

On the approach of young people and the backlash:

Milik gone out? In the first half we needed a leg, I thought that in the second half Milik and Miretti would increase the technical level, but unfortunately we were already 4-1 down there. Soulè did well, Iling-Junior entered well. They have enthusiasm and recklessness. They give enthusiasm and quality. Miretti played a lot, Iling was a pleasant discovery, he played on Thursday, he is growing up, Gatti played a good game. They are young, they only do us good within the group. You fall to get up again, even I would have liked to have played the last one with PSG to force Benfica to win out. The reality is this, let’s focus on the future. I have a team of extraordinary guys who don’t give up one iota, football becomes a test sometimes when you have defeats. The first part of the season was more difficult than expected but we have twenty days to do well, then at the break we will recover almost all the players ”.


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