Juventus, Allegri: “That’s when Chiesa will return to the top, on McKennie ….”

JUVENTUS ALLEGRI – Juventus will make their Serie A debut tomorrow against Sassuolo at 20:45. Space for work with the ball this morning for Allegri’s men.

Juventus, Allegri: “That’s when Chiesa will return to the top, on McKennie ….”

The Bianconeri coach, Massimiliano Allegri, spoke to the microphones of the official Juventus channels on the eve of the match against Sassuolo. He revealed the date of the return of the Church and spoke of the mood of the Bianconeri. Here are the words of the Tuscan coach:

About the Team’s work:

The team has worked well this month, the first is always a game that intrigues. Against a Sassuolo who beat us at home last year, we have to play a good match. You have to play as a team, the stadium will be full and it will take enthusiasm ”.

On the disqualified:

We have Rabiot and Kean out due to disqualification, I think it’s a situation to be reviewed because a player cannot miss a game due to a yellow card from the previous year. We need to think about it a bit ”.

On the injured:

Szczesny is on the way to recovery, Aké has a fracture in his fibula, Pogba is working and we hope to have him as soon as possible, Chiesa in a maximal condition we will have him in January, Arthur has a problem with his ankle and there are market rumors so no is available, Kaio patellar tendon so he still has some for a while. McKennie is available ”.

About Kostic:

Kostic is a player who crosses very well, he has arrived for two days and among other things he has been back and forth. I still have to decide between him, McKennie and Cuadrado play two. There are also changes, I still have to decide. He is a footballer and Vlahovic will benefit from it ”.

On a hypothetical stronger Juventus:

I don’t know, I just said that we have replaced excellent players who have started with excellent players who have arrived. It has to be done one step at a time, then things change. Last year we had an extraordinary second round until Inter, we had to chase a wrong start. The matches now are different from those of October where we will all be in a good condition, tomorrow we need a Juventus match ”.


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