Juventus- Capello, CdS: “Allegri must absolutely win, over Roma …”

JUVENTUS- CAPELLO, CDS- As reported by the CdS to date, the great interview with Capello who talks about Juventus and Rome in an important way.

Juventus- Capello, CdS: “Allegri must absolutely win, over Roma …”


 D ybala is the new Sivori: remember, Fabio? «How not, when he arrived at Juve from Palermo. But they are incomparable »he tells me on the phone from Marbella« and from different and very distant eras. Dybala is a lot of quality, it is fantasy, if it is physically well it makes a difference like few others in the world. But Sivori was the Messi of those years. A genius. When I read that someone approaches Messi, I feel like tearing up the newspaper: Messi is unapproachable, unique, forbidden to frame him, he belongs to a higher order ». 

So the historical chain of genius was, and remains, Di Stefano, Sivori, Maradona, Messi. 
“Precisely. I only played once against Sivori, he was at Napoli, I at Roma. He hid the ball from you with his left and protected it looking for close and insistent contact with the opponent’s body. (Capello smiles) «I remember that for the whole match Omar repeated ‘they touch my ass, they touch my ass, maricòn’». 

Who was marking it? 
“Don’t ask me, it’s been too many years, have mercy on my memory.” 
Dybala, we said. 
«A whirlwind of ideas and solutions, the purchase that Mou needed to raise Roma’s level and ambitions. Also perfect for the square … The first year José won the Conference and resumed the measures of Italian football, now he must aim for a place in the top four. He is not the type for minor goals and on the market he must be satisfied because he knows the way, the way. I found the best Mourinho when he said he was a little dazed. It is no coincidence that he managed to exert the pressure he needed on society, obtaining what he was looking for ». 

We have entered the season of obligations, Fabio. Allegri has just admitted that Juve have a duty to win the Scudetto. 
“I heard, that’s right. She has no excuses and does not hide. He had the perfect players for his football and his ideas of him. Quality and experience ». 

Goodbye renewal, though. 
«Some young Juve had put him in last year, but if you want to win you need a mix of freshness and knowledge. Bremer, one of the rare goalscorers in the championship, was also a good signing and a good build ». 

If you found yourself training today and had to deal with the season of many anomalies – the start before mid-August, the long stop for the World Cup, the resumption in January with a flywheel until June -, how would you behave? 
“I would have already done so.” 

In what sense? 
«I would have confronted the Germans who have been facing the long winter break for years. They know how to prepare twice in nine months. I would also take up some ideas of Gibì Fabbri, the coach I had at Spal, he taught me a lot. A lot of field, football, the search for brilliance, especially in spring… (Capello now takes a short break)… I recommended Paolo Rossi to Gibì, did you know? To him and Giussy Farina for Vicenza ». 

«Paolo was less than twenty years old and he was at Juve. In training he and Altafini drove us, the owners, crazy. I remember one day I told Bagnoli, with whom I had played, to take him to Como, where there was another Rossi, Renzo, a winger, if I remember correctly. Bagnoli followed my advice, then in 76 I talked about it to Fabbri and the president. Paolo had exceptional potential and times ». 

Which is the lesson of Fabbri that you assimilated faster and better? 
«To score goals it is important to arrive in front of the goal quickly. From outside the box it is much more difficult ». 

But go … 
“It sounds trivial, but it’s not. While Helenio Herrera always repeated that what you do in training you do it on the pitch too. If you train at 80 you cannot think of playing at 100. Another aspect on which I doggedly dwelt and that both considered fundamental, punctuality. Punctuality which means respect ». 

I seem to listen to Ancelotti. 
“This flatters me.” 

When asked how he beat Liverpool in the Paris final, do you know what he replied? 
«The goalkeeper saved and the striker scored. I don’t miss a match of the Champions League ».

I am getting worried.
“Because? What did I say so wrong. ” 
You haven’t asked me to remember you work on Sky yet. 
“Here, provide. They care ».

Returning to Ancelotti, you make it simple, you winners. 
“It’s easy to make things complicated, but it’s complicated to make them simple.” 

Arthur Bloch, Mayer’s Law. 
«And of Capello, Carlo, Allegri, Lippi, Trapattoni». 

You were considered an iron sergeant: ever come to a fight with a player? 
“A couple of times, no more.” 
With whom? 
“I don’t mention names.” 

But it is all prescribed material. 
«I’ll tell you just one, with Gullit, and precisely for a matter that concerned punctuality and respect for the group. A delay can happen, two are tolerated. Systematicity is not bearable. I read something on the subject just in these days, maybe ten Hag of United and Conte talked about it. Anyway, after that fight, Gullit and I were inextricably linked. Who knows why some great friendships arise from contrast. That’s enough”. 

You were also a lover of weight, almost as much as Renzo Ulivieri. 
«Attention to weight is necessary. The greatest player I coached, Ronaldo, drove me crazy. He showed up at 94 kilos, but when he won the World Cup he weighed 84. Getting him down was impossible, a serious problem. Off the field the gordo was an irregular ». 

Let’s go back to our things. Lukaku’s return definitely strengthens Inter. 
“Of course, she is still the favorite. Lukaku takes a lot of space, he’s strong, you don’t knock him down and he’s fast, if he also possessed Dybala’s technique he would be a monster ». 

In your opinion, who will have the most difficult task from 13 August to early June? 
“Spalletti. He lost Koulibaly, who gave security to the whole team, and Insigne’s assists and goals. Napoli intrigues me though. Kim is substantial and the Georgian has something of the early Salah in his movements. Intriguing is also the Milan that focuses on quality. Maldini and Massara have shown that they have a long eye. Theo, Tomori, Kalulu, Maignan. I have some reservations about the attack: Giroud did not completely convince me, while Origi, the novelty, represents a half bet. In Liverpool he also did important things, but he must find the best condition. Leao is absolutely guaranteed, I hope he confirms the progress of last season, extraordinary potential ».

 Immediately after the elimination from the World Cup, the usual analyzes started and the usual conclusions were drawn. In practice, only the Monza of Berlusconi and Galliani has decided to focus on the Italian.
“And what surprises you?” We Italians are never able to capitalize on experiences, especially negative ones. Galliani’s not only technical project is highly appreciable and in line with the needs of the club and the indications of this historic moment ».

In short, we know how to build from the bottom, but not rebuild from the bottom.
“We don’t know how to work as a system, we can’t find a common line, neglecting individual interests for a while. We continue, for example, to spend abroad on foreigners who are not always of the highest level, subtracting resources from the league. The British make their money, hundreds of millions, circulate within the Premier ». 


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