Juventus, CdS: “Milik is getting closer to being Juventus”

JUVENTUS, CDS- As Juventus reports to date, Milik is really about to become an Allegri player after years of courtship.

Juventus, CdS: “Milik is getting closer to being Juventus”

There is an agreement with the player and his entourage for example: the Pole will substantially retain the same salary he receives now at Marseille, just over 3,5 million net per season, without the advantages provided for by the Growth Decree being far from the ‘Italy only from January 2021. Between Juve and Marseille, then, for a few days the operation was set up pending the proverbial details: Milik can get on a costly loan (2 million) with conditional redemption obligation set at 8 million . Deal done and not just outlined, but waiting for the final decision by the Juventus club. Initially tempted by more sustainable costs and an advantageous formula, ultimately more and more convinced of the Pole to complete the attack and fill the void in the box of the vice-Vlahovic. In short, Juve and Milik are close, very close.
BUT DEPAY … What is missing? A little. In yesterday’s market meeting, even the last doubts were cleared. Also because an operation like that of Milik would allow Juve to gain greater room for maneuver to try to reach Leandro Paredes, however blocked at present by those fundamental transfers to sink the blow on the Argentine. But to stay in the attack, between Juve and Milik there is still the residual hope that Memphis Depay can break down its requests in order not to lose the Juventus train (again). Almost everything changed in a week, the agreement with the Dutchman was almost reached in view of the termination of the contract with Barcelona ”.

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