Juventus, Gazzetta: “Allegri finds the key to racing”

JUVENTUS, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Juventus has really found the key to going strong in the league.

Juventus, Gazzetta: “Allegri finds the key to racing”

“The key Allegri has once again chosen Locatelli as director: it is the second time in a row and Paredes must ring an alarm bell. Then he placed Kean alongside Vlahovic, with. Milik spent half an hour in place of Dusan. Zanetti instead used prudence for the formation: a couple of baby holders next to him, the return of Stojanovic behind and Pjaca in support of the strikers instead of Baldanzi. Empoli started slowly, with the game from the bottom a little under the pace compared to its standards “.

“Normal, given that Juventus still had in front of him. Except that with this attitude he lent his side to the raids of the bianconeri, more physical, as soon as they lost the ball or were aimed at the flanks. A Juve that was not transcendental at the beginning, but attentive, sly and orderly, which at the beginning took advantage of Kostic’s vein and Stojanovic’s difficulties in marking him. From there came soon the goal of the advantage with the Serbian cross to serve Kean under the net after De Winter had been overtaken.

“Empoli continued to make more possession but suffered the black and white counterattacks due to the many mistakes during the passing phase and with a Pjaca removed from the game. Juve who nearly doubled again with Kean. When the Zanetti band raised the pace they succeeded, especially with the left-wing Parisi-Bandinelli chain that forced Cuadrado and Rugani to overtime. To put the bianconeri in difficulty. In this phase he had two or three chances to equalize, the most tempting with Destro when, alone, he received the ball he had stolen from Cuadrado from Bandinelli, but Szczesny rejected his not irresistible shot. This was the moment not taken by Tuscans ”.

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