Juventus, Gazzetta: “Dusan saves the bianconeri in the Turin derby”

JUVENTUS, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports to date, Juventus have really been saved by the Serbian striker who wards off the crisis.

Juventus, Gazzetta: “Dusan saves the bianconeri in the Turin derby”

“Vlahovic sentence The feeling, at a glance, is that Juve, for once, are growing and not shrinking with the passage of time. At 5 ‘of the second half Milinkovic has to fly again to shield Locatelli’s fireball and at 13’ scrape off a header from Vlahovic. The Juventus people, who dream of Milinkovic’s assists (the Lazio one) for Dusan, for now must watch his brother deny him the goal. Kean, the most disappointing, wastes on his behalf. Not that Juve has suddenly become a game machine, but now they are more relaxed and want more and more the victory they smell in the air. The Toro, on the other hand, which milks very little from the belts and was abandoned by Miranchuk, goes little beyond the flashes of Radonjic and the geometries of Lukic. But, above all, he amazes the acceptance of the script and the little anger to try to get out of the corner. No hint of tremendousness. Juric realizes that the knockout is coming. He tries to raise the team with the entry of a real striker, Pellegri (25 ‘). On Miranchuk’s foot, the best opportunity of the day happens: a free shot, from an excellent position. The Russian wastes lightly and Juve’s punch arrives. Minute 29 ‘: corner by Cuadrado, Schuurs and Djidji let Danilo jump, who hands him to Vlahovic. This time the Serbian’s paw leaves no chance for Milinkovic. Juric equips the 4-2-3-1 of despair, but it’s too late. Allegri crashes the racing tunnel, in the manner of him, happy with the victory found, with the restarted Juve, with the short nose, with everything. The rest, perhaps, will come. Toro, who have won only one derby of the last 17, seven years ago, will have to quickly find their hearts and forwards. Bad derby “.

Christian Marangio


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Juventus, Gazzetta: “Dusan’s derby, now we can start again”

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