Juventus, Gazzetta: “The shadow of the Europa League”

JUVENTUS, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports, Juventus must absolutely avoid downgrading in the Europa League.

“53 million in cash In addition to the romantic aspect, today, more than yesterday, the economic one has an impact. To date, Juve can already consider 53 million in its coffers. Only Napoli did better, about 57 million. Inter are 45, Milan 43. Theoretically, Juve could earn another 60 by winning the cup, a mission that appears impossible. But at least the move to the second round would guarantee 15 million more (in addition to the box office). In detail, the bianconeri have collected 15,6 million so far with the simple participation; 32,9 thanks to the historical ranking; 2,8 with the results; and 2 from the market pool. Total: 53,3. Two successes against Benfica and Psg are worth 5,5 million, to which add at least the eighths (9,6) and the other share of the market pool (a couple of million).

Juventus, Gazzetta: “The shadow of the Europa League”

“Europa League Qualifying is the dream: never say never. There are two other ways to go. Third place, with relegation to the Europa League, would only partially alleviate the pain. The third solution – out of everything – better not think. The Europa League, however, has a very different prize pool: less than a fifth of the Champions League. From 2 billion it goes down to 465 million. Lifting the cup would bring twenty million, or a little more, into the club’s coffers, almost as much as moving into the second round. The reality, or the problem, is that the Champions League is everything today. And from 2024, Super League permitting, the prize pool would rise to 3 / 3,5 billion2 ”.

Christian Marangio


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