Juventus, Gazzetta: “Today answers on Di Maria’s disqualification”

JUVENTUS DI MARIA – Juventus has returned to training with the few remaining from the lack of call-up to the national team and recovery for the injured.

Juventus, Gazzetta: “Today answers on Di Maria’s disqualification”

Very dark period at Juventina, after finding yet another defeat against Monza. This represents a truly shocking departure. Little convincing game and, moreover, Juventus have also been betrayed by those who should bring a healthy mentality to the Piedmontese home. We are obviously talking about Angel Di Maria who, at 40 ‘of the first part of the game, was expelled, after having elbowed Izzo. Today there will be the real feedback on how many the Argentine will miss, here is what the Gazzetta says about the possible disqualification of Fideo. “The release of the sports judge, Gerardo Mastrandrea, on the 7th round of Serie A is expected for today. Juventus are particularly interested, given the expulsion of Angel Di Maria in the 40th minute of the first half of the match against Monza. He is very likely that the elbow given to Izzo and punished with a red card by the referee Maresca is configured as violent conduct. Mastrandrea will thus refer to article 38 of the FIGC code of sporting justice, which regulates the violent conduct of footballers towards opponents or other people (not match officials). Here we speak of a minimum of three days of disqualification, but explicitly mention “mitigating and aggravating” which could lead to a reduction or an increase in the sentence. In the specific case of Di Maria, Juve hopes that the fact that the Argentine has already apologized for the gesture after the match and is aware of having made a mistake in reacting to the annoying pressure of Izzo is considered as an extenuating factor ”.


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