Juventus, Gazzetta: “Vlahovic with Kostic, what a show in Turin”

JUVENTUS, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the Juventus team has cashed in on the victory thanks to the stars of Serbia.

Juventus, Gazzetta: “Vlahovic with Kostic, what a show in Turin”

“Kind tribute Juve started with less fury than other times, then ended badly. She was more patient and calculating. Twenty minutes of yawning due to the underlying slowness of Juventus’ possession. The ball swayed here and there and induced sleep. The only jolt was a header from McKennie, free inside the area. The conclusion is harmless, central and tenuous, but the action is interesting because it reveals Allegri’s technical-tactical plan. A relatively classic 4-4-2, with Kostic pure left winger and with McKennie on the other side a little outside and a little inside, oscillating between the search for a cross and the insertion in the center. The variation on the theme, perhaps the only one, of a meager game. It was clear how Juve moved on the opponent. He forced Bologna to dribble low, on their own back, away from the goal. Arnautovic, a center forward for his jersey number, wandered between midfield and attack, to refine or to create spaces that none of his teammates filled “.

“An academic Bologna, suspended in the void. A minimum mistake would have been enough to open the gates to Juve and the mistake was revealed in the middle of the first half. Samson, a gigioneggiante just before the halfway line, let Milik blow the ball in tackle and thus triggered a high restart in which the tasks of the two Serbs crossed and overturned: Vlahovic served Kostic on the left – di the norm should be the other way around – and the former Eintracht winger beat Skorupski with a crooked but effective shot. A kind tribute from Bologna, how can you give Juve a high counterattack in their stadium? And shortly afterwards we went close to an encore, because Soriano lost a ball more or less in the same area and a Juve escape was redeemed, which ended in nothing. It is difficult to distinguish the Juventus merits from the faults of the “Mottians”. Certainly the average performance of the race was at low intensity, with rare accelerations ”.

Christian Marangio


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